Thursday, January 25, 2007

Going to school...Doll school that is!

It's kinda started off as a slow week for me on SL. My Mistress was busy in RL, so I occupied myself by shopping for furniture and toys for our apartment and practicing my building skills. My Mistress mentioned that she wanted a pair of glass display tubes for myself and Jasmine. After a very frustrating time off attempting to script the pose correctly, I gave up and bought two for $99 each. There not bad, but I still want to make better ones later.

While I was doing this, I was contacted by Kalira Seibert. She runs a place called School for Dollification. She transforms anyone who attends her school into any type of doll that they want to become! She uses RP and actually hypnosis, something I had always wanted to try. I talked with her for quite a while, and finally decided that I had to attend. The only problem was I had to convince my Mistress to let me.

Once I finally asked my Mistress, she was initially hesitant to let me attend. She was worried that I might leaving her, especially since I hadn't seen her in a few days. I reassured her that I wasn't, that I belonged to her. I only wanted to attend the school because I wanted to be a doll, even when she wasn't online. I also asked that we both be involved, if she let me attend. I told her to pick what type of doll I was to be transformed into. She seemed to like that idea, so she selected that I be changed into a dark fetish doll. Kinda like a Barbie, except in latex ;)

So with my Mistress's blessing, I finally started the transformation. Kalira suggested a few files foe me to download. Mostly stuff to help me fall into a trance. The first couple of times I tried, nothing happed. Apparently I wanted it to work so badly, that I wasn't focusing enough. Finally after about a dozen listenings of the MP3 file, I started to feel myself drift off. I wasn't fully in a trance, but I was getting closer.

Elated by this, I tried again. This time, I think I went fully under. I don't remember it happening. One moment I was listening to the file, the next, I woke up when i was told to. I told Kalira about this and she was just as exited as I was. We the tried an actual face to face session. She slowly counted me down, and I could feel myself almost floating. I didn't get fully put under, but wow, I was close. So very, very close! It was a wonderful feeling, so calm and relaxing. I'm hoping soon I can go all the way and finally get to truly feel what it's like to be a perfect dolly ;)

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