Thursday, January 11, 2007

Posing away like a good little mannequin.

Ever since Daphne Goodnight hired me, I’ve been posing with Maniquin at Kayliwulf Kingdom almost constantly. It’s such a wonderful place. All the other models there are very friendly, and I’ve already made lots of new friends. I love he fact that the stands are right up front, so one of the first things people see when they arrive is me and the other girls posing so wonderfully still and beautiful.

Daphne is a very funny person. She’s constantly making jokes and laughing, always having fun. I also found out she has a bit of an itchy trigger finger. One day while posing, she said she needed to work out some frustrations by shooting someone. Of course none of the other models volunteered, so being the new girl I stepped up and turned from a mannequin to a target practice dummy ;).

She used a gravity gun to throw me around like a ragdoll (Mmmmm…ragdoll. Another avatar I need to find). Daphne then switched over to another really BIG gun. I was hit by bubbles, balls, CDs, explosions, and even a cage! She even used one that threw me so high up in the air that she had offer to teleport me back. I was laughing so hard while this was going on. Finally, when we were done, she gave Maniquin and I a gravity gun, so next time, I could shoot back. I had such a good time that night!

More recently, while posing on my stand, I began to want to feel even more like a mannequin. I wanted to not just work at the store, but to be owned by the store. I talked a bit to Maniquin, and we came up with an idea. When we got hired, we were told that for every 20 hours we pose at the store, Daphne is going to let us pick out an outfit as payment. We both came to the decision that since we were hired on as mannequins, we should let Daphne dress us like mannequins. So, we told her that instead of picking out outfits, we wanted her to do it. No mater what she chose, we’d wear them for everyone to see just like good little mannequins should. After all, she’s the dressmaker, were just the dummies. Much to our delight, she said yes!

One thing I have found about posing, is that lot of people assume I’m just camping when I’m on my stand. Some come up and stare at me, sometimes for quite a while. Others just walk by, ignoring me. I try to IM everyone, seeing if I can help them. I think this surprises a lot of them, since they usually assume I’m just camping and not at my computer. Usually after I finish helping them, I get a lot of questions about if I like being a mannequin, why do I like it so much, stuff like that. I love to talk about it, explaining how wonderful it makes me feel, and how it’s a dream come true for me. I’ve even had a few people express interest in trying out the mannequin lifestyle. I’m always so happy when I find another fellow mannequin!

I also just made one of my first items! I was talking with Maniquin about how we needed to get separation points put on us, to make us look more mannequin-like. The only problem is, both of us are wearing custom skins, so we couldn’t just do them as tattoos. Also, we have on transparent catsuits, to give us a shiny look. Since they are on over any tattoos for the skin, it might cause the reflections to shine over the separation points.

So it hit me; why not do them as items, and attach them to the appropriate spot? After hunting down a FAQ on building stuff, I started to work on them. Basic building is a lot easier then I expected (I was kind of expecting something on the level of 3D Studio Max). Since I didn’t want to get to complex yet, I used one item per separation point. I fiddled with linking multiple objects together, in an attempt to get the seam to follow the body closer, but I just couldn’t get it to work right.

I think the end result looks good for a first try. In some parts, the seam looks perfect. Other spots, it sticks out and ruins the effect. I need more practice, especially in linking. Maniquin absolutely loved them, though. I gave her a full set and we both posed there, striped bare with our new joints available for everyone to see. I didn’t realize just how much the Barbie skin made me look just like a mannequin, until right then. So shiny looking, with no nipples on my breasts and nothing but a smooth plastic between my legs. Ohhhhhhh, I could hardly believe how wonderful we both looked, like two plastic twin sisters, standing side-by side.

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