Thursday, January 18, 2007

My life as an object

So my first three days as Mistress Mya’s sub have been very interesting, to say the least. The first day consisted of us mostly looking at apartments, trying to find a place to rent so we’d have a private place to play. One thing that did surprise me a bit when I saw my Mistress was the fact that she was wearing the pink catsuit I had made her purchase for out role playing. This role play had me being a dolly, who had decided to make the tough Goth Mya her plaything, basically turning her into the toy of a toy. Being a Goth, I knew she didn’t really like it, which was part of the reason I had her buy it. To really humiliate her a bit, since the dolly liked to play nasty with her toy. But, I wasn’t going to ask any questions, especially on my first day of being a sub.

We finally found a very nice place, and began to move in. It turns out I had a lot more furniture in my inventory that I expected, though most of it is too bright and sunny for my Mistress’s tastes. Finally, after getting some basic furniture out, my Mistress decided to play with me a bit before getting offline for the evening. My mistress decided that I should lick her boots clean, to show what a good sub I am. So of course, not wanting to disappoint my Mistress, I began to do just that. While this is happening, my Mistress IMs me, and asks if I knew her Mistress. I was surprised. I didn’t realize that my Mistress had a Mistress. I said no. Mistress Mya then told me that that was the reason she was in the catsuit. Her Mistress was making her wear it for four days. She also said that her Mistress apparently knew who I was, and had asked about me. I replied that I had never met her Mistress before. My Mistress then got offline.

Suddenly, a voice said hello to me! Apparently, my Mistress’s Mistress Gwen Kasei had been watching us! I looked around but I couldn’t see her anywhere. So being a good, sub I replied to her IM, since I wasn’t sure if she could till hear me. Mistress asked if I know who she was. I said yes, telling her what my Mistress had told me. She then told me that since she was my Mistress’s Mistress, that met she was above me as well, and I should treat her just as I would treat my Mistress. Mistress asked if I enjoyed being a sub to my Mistress. I replied that I loved serving my Mistress, and was so glad she had decided to take me on. Then Mistress then asked if I liked being told to lick my Mistress’s boots clean. I responded that it didn’t matter what I liked, that all that was important was what my Mistress wanted. Mistress seemed glad to hear me say that. Then, Mistress told me to put on my puppygirl suit, and to not take it off until after I saw my Mistress tomorrow, and after I greeted her by licking her boots clean again. So I immediately changed into my puppygirl suit.

Mistress then asked if I had a pair of high heal shoes yet. I told her I didn’t, that I hadn’t gotten a pair yet. So Mistress told me to go to a certain shop right now and get a pair. So, in my full puppygirl suit, I went out and got the heels. Once I had them, Mistress told me to put them on, and to never take them off unless another costume requires it. Mistress then dismissed me, leaving me to wait for my Mistress to get back online.

The next day, I waited patiently for my Mistress. I waited for hours for her to get online. Finally she arrived and I greeted her immediately, licking her boots clean. This seemed to amuse my Mistress. She even mentioned that I might become her permanent boot washer. Then my Mistress decided that she wanted to continue our role play we had been doing before she took me on. This surprised me just a bit. Already the second day of me serving as a sub, and I was again back in the domme roll? But I quickly found out that even though I had the power in the role play itself, I was still my Mistress’s sub. While we were playing, she constantly told be what she wanted, and how to please her best. Honestly, I think it was one of the best role plays we had done yet. I really got into it and made it nice and twisted to please my Mistress.

After we finished, my Mistress gave me permission to go back to Kalywulf Kingdom so I could pose as a mannequin once again. After I arrived there, a customer approached my friend Maniquin and I asking for help. While we were showing her what she was looking for, my Mistress’s Mistress appeared! She asked how my Mistress liked the greeting I gave her. I told Mistress that she enjoyed it. Mistress then old me to greet my Mistress the same way tomorrow. She also told me to change into the pink catsuit I was wearing for work, so my Mistress wouldn’t suffer alone. She then left, leaving me to go pose on my stand for another night.

Finally tonight rolls around, and I get online to once again greet my Mistress. I do the exact same as yesterday, licking and cleaning her boots. I’m a little surprised to see my Mistress isn’t wearing her pink catsuit. As I change into my pink catsuit, my Mistress tells me to change into something else, that she’s being naughty and doesn’t want to see any pink at all tonight. So, being a good little sub, I change.

My Mistress then begins to instruct me on decorating the apartment. She had me build an entire loft for out playroom area, complete with catwalk and ramp. I had never made anything on this level before, but it looks like it came out pretty nice. Photos of the work I did will be up later. Right now, I need to get back to SL. Mistress is waiting for me.

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