Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Jewell of a toy shop

A freind of mine introduced me to a fun little shop selling Restrained Life ennabled stuff called Jewell Designs. The place has some of the kinkiest and funnest RLV ennabled toys I've seen yet.

First up are the Evil earrings. These may not look like much, but thay have every RLV function built into them. Perfect for the times you want to use it without people knowing you are. Just make sure you grab ownership on them. I didn't right away and the owner of the shop, Jaquline Jewell, was only oh to happy to show me what they can do.

Like, for example, force sit me on this table ;) Not that I minded at all. YOu all know how I love being a piece of furnature, hehehe.

She eventually let me loose and gave me back ownership on my earrings. I did a bit mroe shopping and picked up her buttplug she sells. It's a cool little item. once you pump it up 5 times, it's stuck in you (AKA RLV locked). You then start to squirm a bit since it's so large. It also whispers coments like "Yora Vig wriggels for the uncomfy feeling in her ass". It's really embarassing ;) And, something I didn't know til Jaquline did it, the pump is detatchable. So when it's detatched. IT can't be deflated. Heh, so yet again I was at her mercy.

Eventually she put the pump back and let me take it out. Finally I tried out her Bondage Horse. It has 5 poses build in it. And if your on it, you can get locked out of the monu. Sepecially good if your force sat on it ;)

All in all, Jaqulines shop is a very fun one. It's still a bit small, but her toys are so much fun!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Keep watching the skies!

So this is all about a buncha stuff made by a friend of mine, Fyre Furse. She has a shop called Alien Desires located here The shop is all about wierrd looking extra terestrial devices used for kinky purposes.

First up is the Alien Pussy Plant. Yeah you can pretty umch guess what happens when you interact with this one ;)

This is the isolation pod. I love he look of it. Very sci-fi. Also, the pod is RLV ennabled. YOu can get locked in and be left there til someone releases you.

This is called the Alien Infection. It's actually a multipose sexbed. The sucker is huge! All hte tenticles in the backa also wave arround giving it a very organic look

The Mohawk Mantle. It's actually a bunch of mini tenticles that wiggle on your head. Very cool looking. Plus it's color changeable too.

Finally is the claw bondage hood, mittens and ballet boots. I'm a sucker for bondage items so I had to pick them up. All are RLV ennabled. So that meens lockable. The hood also had a blindfold, a gag, and earplugs to blind, mute or deafen you. First the claw part of the hood

Next the hood totaly closed covering my whole head.

The bondage mitts (and a good close up of my butt ;)

Finally the boots

Deffiently a fun shop ;)

Monday, August 4, 2008

The foxes and the hounds

So I finally got to participate in a fox hunt at Sarah's Island. It's a super kiny fun place, primaraly focused on pony play, but it has lots of other things avalable there too. The fox hunt is one. In it you choose if you want to be a fox, a dog, or a hunter. The foxes are the prey, and the dogs and hunters try to bag them. In the hunt I was in, I was a fox (Duh. Like I'd be anything but prey ;) ). We had 6 foxes total being hunted by 2 dogs and 2 hunters.

Ok, here are the rules. Foxes ger a prey hud, dogs get a bite hud and hunters get guns. If a dog bites a fox, they're stunned for a bit and can't move. If a hunter shoots a fox, they they get bound and are out. Oh, and foxes have to be nekkid the whole time, or in a open catsuit ;)

So, I didn't do bad for my first time. Out of the 6 foxes, I was the 5th caught. I even managed to outpace both dogs at the same time for about a minute ;) Still the thing that amazed me was my friend Iiowyn Oryl. She was blindfolded the whole time and was the very last fox caught. Here's what she saw the whole time she was on the run

Blows me away she managed to keep from being caught while seeing nothing but that.

So after all the foxes were caught we were all astung up and the hunters poses with their prizes

Then, we were all taken to the Slutterium entryway at Sarah's and posed as statues. I had to leave quickly to do an event for KK (Which is why there's no statue pics). It was alot of fun and I'm deffinently going to try and make the next hunt.