Monday, December 31, 2007

A few odds at years end.

So, first up, I know it's a few days late, but I figure I ought to share my Christmas Card I sent out with all my friends out there.

I think it came out well, especially given that I didn't have Photoshop on hand and had to use Paint instead (I know, ick).

Also, I got a dolly makeover! Honoka, the dollmaker I mentioned a little bit ago, and UserJesse Brody both helped give me a full dolly makeover. They did a great job, helping me with skin and hair. Honoka did a phenominal job on my shape. I still look like me, just a dolly me.

I'm tiny a doll! I'm only 4' 8'' (1.42 m), as opposed to my normal 5' 7" height (1.7 m. Yes, I'm alittle tall. But everyone is tall in SL. I'm actually shorter then almost everyone else). It takes alot of getting used to being that small. And I'm just SO CUTE! Jesse helped me adjust my Alice dress so it would fit better. And gave me a few tips on keeping the re-adjusted size items from reverting on me. And the Mary Janes I'm wearing I got from her partner Roen Fardel's shop,
Inner Doll. Here's the SL URL to it

I enjoy this look alot. Walking around as a dolly, key in my back, is something I wanted to do in SL for a while. It's such a cute look, and it works so well with alot of toys I have, like this snowglobe I got from Subversive Vavoom. Oh, BTW, I totaly spaced, but Subversive had a blog for her shop All Dolled Up

Wow, I can hardly beleve 2007 is almost over. And what's really suprised me is in 4 days this blog turns one year old. Seams like I started it just yeasterday. I think I'll look back and show how I've changed, both look and behavior in that year. Plus, I think I might put up SL URLs on alot of places I talked about over the year to. Till then, Happy New Year everyone!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Virus detected! Virus detected! 2

Ok, more Replicators! First is the Flare, one of the few totaly humanoid Replicators. This one just looks fun. It almost has a gynoid-esque look to it.

The Router. This one is very impressive visually. Almost every part, the rings, shield, and diamond thingies, all rotate on their own.

The Scanner. This one is pretty good sized. Deffinently don't want to wear it in a confined space, hehe.

The Solar Array. If the scanner was big, this one is HUGE! Just look at me on the front of it for a size idea.

Newest one I got the Neon Flyer. Don't let the fact it's a butterfly fool you, it's pretty good sized.

Finally, the Nanos. I love how this picture came out! Windlight looks great doing the skies huh?

And the best part of all these? Most were under $50. A few, like the Nanos and the crawler were over $100, but still, that's an incredible deal!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Virus detected! Virus detected! 1

So, as I mentioned, I got a virus lately in SL! It came in the form of a series of AVs I got from Grendel's Children. The line is called the Replicators. Technicly, htere not viruses. They have a huge backstory to them. But, I just call them viruses. They look EXTREAMLY cool, like something out of a new updated version of Tron (I hope I'm not dating myself saying that). Most come in red, green, purple, or blue, though some are only blue. There all modable though, so you can recolor as needed. Most are avalable for either sex too. First up is the first one I got, the Virus AV. It's cool, because when you move, you tuck away in the shell and roll as a ball!

Next is the Aviaos replicator. This is based on the Aviaos Shadowstalker, another critter av at Grendle's. I'll post that one in another update.

This one is the Crawler. Creepy, yet sexy. A note, this one was blue originally, but it was easy to recolor to green.

The Crystal Harvester. This one looks a bit...blocker tehn most. Still, very well done.

The E-Drive. This one just looks impresive, with a big, glowing pack on the back.

This one is the Electron Driver. This one just looks MEAN! Like a anti virus program with an additude!

Eye Probe. This is cool. The internal rings all spin, making it look like it's constantly scanning.

I have more too! I'll post them in my next post!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

And to think, some people say "eat me" as an insult ;)

So, like I promiced last time, here are two more delictible skins done be Dreampaint. First up, dark chocolate.

Next, milk chocolate. Yummy!

If the background (what little of it you can see) in these pictures looks slightly familiar, that's because I took them at the best place to be a candy coated girl; Willy Wonka's chocolate factory! Dream showed me a sim someone made that was a pretty good representation of the original movie one. Cute place indeed!
Finally, here's all the sweet skins Dream did in some freebee shirts I got a while back from Curious Collections. Sadly, I don't think this wonderful shop exists anymore. Heh, makes the fact that the shirts say "Eat me" all the more appropreate ;)
Gummy sharks and spiral sugar.
Chocolate and gummy bears.
Looks like I'm FINALLY getting in the swing of updating! Next post coming at ya' soon! Look out! Virus attack!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

I'm such a dummy

The other day, a friend at KK mentioned that she knew a dollmaker. She asked if I knew her, a person by the name of Honoka Watanabe. I didn't so I looked up her profile. It sounded interesting so I IMed her. She invited me over to meet one of her dolls. We all talked for a bit, and I must admit, she's pretty interesting. Very intelegent, well spoken, and full of creative doll ideas. We had a few diffrent ideas on dolls, but, she's fast become a very good friend.

A few days after we first met, Honoka, IMed me and sent me a picture of something she made. It was a dressmaker dummy. At first, I was just impressed at how nice it looked. I thought it weas made from sculpted prims. Then it dawned on me, it was an AV! Needles to say, I had to get one. She did a fantastic job on it. You could get into it and everyone would think you were a dummy.

So we went out to get a few pictures of it.

Finally one with a dress on.

Yes, that is Alice's dress from Alice in Wonderland. Seams apropreate, since all of SL is like Wonderland to me. A very sexy Wonderland, hehehe. Here's her SL Exchange page if you want to get one yourself. And, to top it off, Honoka has a blog now! She said she was inspired my your's truly to do it. Here's the link to it. I'll also be adding it to my links on the side as well
Next post, more candy! And a nasty virus I caught while traveling through SL. Turned me into all sorts of things, hehehe.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sweet Christmas treats

I finally got two skins thanks to a wonderful friend names Dreampaint Loon. I made an offhand remark to her about how one thing I always wanted was a gingerbread girl AV. She, much to my delight, told me that she thought she could make one! A few days later, she was done, and the results are fantastic!

It looks so cute. Dream did a wonderful job. But she wasn't done yet. I also mentioned that I was looking for a peppermint candy cane girl AV. And low and behold she made that one too!

They both look absolutely FANTASTIC! And Dream said she was also looking to sell them. If anyone is interested IM her and ask! Also, check out her shop here. This link pulls the TP for it in SL

Also, the shop All Dolled Up reopened. This is the premiere doll store in SL. Definitely check it out if you like dolls at all ;)