Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sweet Christmas treats

I finally got two skins thanks to a wonderful friend names Dreampaint Loon. I made an offhand remark to her about how one thing I always wanted was a gingerbread girl AV. She, much to my delight, told me that she thought she could make one! A few days later, she was done, and the results are fantastic!

It looks so cute. Dream did a wonderful job. But she wasn't done yet. I also mentioned that I was looking for a peppermint candy cane girl AV. And low and behold she made that one too!

They both look absolutely FANTASTIC! And Dream said she was also looking to sell them. If anyone is interested IM her and ask! Also, check out her shop here. This link pulls the TP for it in SL

Also, the shop All Dolled Up reopened. This is the premiere doll store in SL. Definitely check it out if you like dolls at all ;)


Anonymous said...

I guess the right way to eat a peppermint cane girl would be to lick her all over, and over and over.

But with a gingerbread girl would you start with the toes or the fingers?

Does it rain in Second Life? Could you imagine being rained on as a peppermint girl and melting into a red and white puddle?


Yora Vig said...

Heh, both ways sounds fun for the gingerbread girl, thought I think getting a really big bowl of milk and starting from the toes would be best ;) It doesn't rain in SL, but there are a few big bodies of water I need to watch out for as the pepermint girl.

Anonymous said...

Amazing. I like the gingerbread girl the best. And you have to start with the legs. ;-)