Sunday, December 16, 2007

I'm such a dummy

The other day, a friend at KK mentioned that she knew a dollmaker. She asked if I knew her, a person by the name of Honoka Watanabe. I didn't so I looked up her profile. It sounded interesting so I IMed her. She invited me over to meet one of her dolls. We all talked for a bit, and I must admit, she's pretty interesting. Very intelegent, well spoken, and full of creative doll ideas. We had a few diffrent ideas on dolls, but, she's fast become a very good friend.

A few days after we first met, Honoka, IMed me and sent me a picture of something she made. It was a dressmaker dummy. At first, I was just impressed at how nice it looked. I thought it weas made from sculpted prims. Then it dawned on me, it was an AV! Needles to say, I had to get one. She did a fantastic job on it. You could get into it and everyone would think you were a dummy.

So we went out to get a few pictures of it.

Finally one with a dress on.

Yes, that is Alice's dress from Alice in Wonderland. Seams apropreate, since all of SL is like Wonderland to me. A very sexy Wonderland, hehehe. Here's her SL Exchange page if you want to get one yourself. And, to top it off, Honoka has a blog now! She said she was inspired my your's truly to do it. Here's the link to it. I'll also be adding it to my links on the side as well
Next post, more candy! And a nasty virus I caught while traveling through SL. Turned me into all sorts of things, hehehe.


~Honoka~ said...

Thank you for the wonderful comments and praise Viggy.If even one person appreciates or enjoys something I make then all that work was worth it.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was amazing :)

Top notch work Honoka


Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried to pose in a store as a mannequin? Just curious..I can show you how, as I have helped many..

Yora Vig said...

Well, I pose all the time in SL as a mannequin. Or did you mean in RL?

Anonymous said...

Excellent work Honoka, and you looked great in the Alice dress Yora.