Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Maid-en Bondage Maid Adventure part 4

Wow, can't belevie it's already been a week. It went by so quick, yet felt so long. I finally was unlocked this morning. Overall, I'd have to say I'mm really glad I did it. I've deffinently scratched my bondage itch for a while ;) Overall, everyone seemd to like my maid look. I even had one person want to keep me, hehehe.

An unitended side effect of this is I got out alot more and found a few new places of interst. NuDolls and Excelcior Cybernetics will likely both be featured on my blog soon as a bit of a teaser, as well as a few more great products I saw, but was unable to buy while restricted.

On an unrelated note, I found this post on another blog the other day while browsing the net.
Makes me feel kinda weird, ike I finally hit big enough that other bloggers blog about me now, hehehe. I will say I couldn't stop laughing when I read this quote,

"She catalogues the most Cirque du Soleil looking sex merch ever with a gee-whiz innocence that would almost be at home at your first grade show-and-tell."

Hehehe, still makes me giggle reading it.

Monday, November 10, 2008

My Maid-en Bondage Maid Adventure pt 3

So, for todays adventures as a bondage maid post, I figured I should do an interview with Anners Sommer, the owner and proprieter of the Bondage Maids group. So we both sat down and talked a bit. (well, she sat I stood. Still no sit for me til friday ;) )

Yora Vig: So how long have you been doing bondage maids for?
Anners Sommer: about 1 month now
AS: well the "official bondage maid"
AS: but I have always had an interest in maids
YV: nods
AS: so i thought I would share what I enjoy
YV: How's it going so far? Lots of interest?
AS: there is. there is so much interest I am struggling to keep up. I am sure some applicants have been disappointed because I can't just process them quickly enough
YV: Sounds like you could use some help processing htem then
AS: I do
AS: however it has to be the right person
AS: someone who is committed to the idea of the group
AS: and someone who is trustworthy
YV: nods
YV: So, for any person pottentially interested out there, what is the idea of the group?
AS: the group is to bind women for 1 week as bound maids
AS: to let them experience life as a bound maid
AS: one week at a time
YV: nods
YV: I know I'm at level 1, the traine level. How many levels are there so far?
AS: there are 10 levels in all, including level 1
AS: each level is a progression on the last
AS: gradually getting the woman prepared for subserviant and demure service
YV: So by the time they finish level 10, they should be the perfect bondage maid?
AS: exactly. they should be fully trainned and put to work as a maid anywhere
AS: however it is not an easy path and there are exciting challenges on the way
YV: nods "As someone on level 1, I can attest to it not being easy. I can't imagine the later levels
AS: well, we don't go from 0 to 60 in 2 seconds. That is why we have 10 levels
YV: True
AS: and as you go through them you get to enjoy it
YV: nods
YV: And finally, for anyone interested out there, tell them what they need to become a bondage maid
AS: well, they need to come to the maid HQ at Space Port Paradise
AS: and they need to pick up the notecards
AS: in it is instructions and an equipment list
YV: Thank you very much for your time :) I'm sure there's lots of potential bondage maids out there that will be iming you
AS: I hope so
AS: and if you want to become one, be patient. there is only one of me and I will process you sooner or later
AS: and by the way, I love having you as a bound maid, Yora
YV: smiles "Thank you very much. I deffienntly enjoy being one so far :)

So, anyone interested in being a maid, there's how to go about it. And anyone interested in helping Anners, give her an IM.

My Maid-en Bondage Maid Adventure Part 2

So, day 2 locked in my bondage maid outfit has been both fun and frustrating. I've had some very interesting reactions. The best one was when I stopped by the NuDoll clinic (A place I'll be showing off in a futer post). When I IMed someone to tell then I was locked for a week, she blurted out "Who did you piss off?" I've also gotten alot of copliments on my maid outfit. People seem to like the KK Rubber maid alot. Or maybe it's just because they like to see me in a transparent outfit, hehehe.

On the frustrating side, being hobbled and moving so sloy drives me nuts! It literly took me 5 minutes to walk from one side of Kayliwulf to the other. I've also found it effects flying too. The no touch and no inventory isn't as bad, thought it did cause one little issue. I have a notecard all about the new island that Doll Island moved to, the Doll Works. However I was a big dummy and closed it before I could copy it. So looks like the post on Doll Works will have to wait until this Friday

Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Maid-en Bondage Maid Adventure Part 1

Hey all. First up, I wanted to apologize for not posting on a regular basis. RL, specifically school, has been keeping me very busy. I’m in my second-to-last term and things have really ramped up for me lately. Still, I want to try and post as often as I can. I love doing this blog and given all the feedback I’ve been getting, you all seem to like it too.

One thing I wanna do with my blog is start to post more of my adventures in SL. I’ve kinda noticed I’ve been doing more product review posts and less kinky adventure ones. So I want to try and change that. Fortunately a friend named Anners Sommer helped me out. She approached me about a week ago and asked if I wanted to try her bondage maid group.

Needless to say, I was very interested. I talked with her and got all the details. The first level is a trial to see if you’re able to do it and want to aim for higher levels. It’s very restrictive, something I love :). It lasts a week, and during the course of the week, you of course have to wear a maid outfit. You also are cuffed, arm behind your back, gagged, and have your ankles hobble cuffed. You also are RLV locked out of your inventory (no hands free, no getting in your pockets) and no touch. Anner also checks in at random on you to make sure your not cheating or acting un-maid-like.

So, after getting the details, I decided to do it. I got locked in Friday at 8:30am. I don’t get out ‘til next Friday. So far, it’s been a bit of an adjustment. Walking hobbled is the big thing I’m still trying to get used to. I’m even hobbled while flying, so it takes a lot of patience to walk where I need to go. The touch is also something that takes a while to get used to. I can’t sit, touch a teleporter, or buy anything.

Overall though, I’m enjoying it so far. I’ve gotten a lot of positive comments on my look (specially the hair/helmet, which I got from Curio Obscura as part of the hover skirt they sell). I haven’t had any interesting encounters so car, but I still have 6 days to go ;). I’m planning on posting each day to keep you all up on how the trial is going. Hopefully, I’ll have some interesting stories to tell ;)