Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Super Mega Mondo favor for all my readers!

OK, I have a REALLY big favor to ask all of you out there. Daphne Goodnight, who's co-owner of Kayliwulf Kingdom, as well as my boss and a really close friend is in a contest right now. Here's the announcement I got on it.

Daphne is now officially entered in SL's 12Avatars contest, which is selecting 12
beautiful women in SL to be in the new calendar. If you would like to see our lovely princess in print, please get over to the contest and vote, and encourage anyone else who feels Daphne should be selected to vote as well!
I REALLY want to see Daphne win this. She deserves it so much. So, if you feel the same and want to see her win, PLEASE vote for her! The voting is in the Tellus Convention Center, Tellus IV sim. (34, 231, 23). These XYZ coordinates will take you right to her picture. If not, her voting spot is Column 10, picture H. You can also IM me for a LM and I'll gladly show you exactly where her picture is. Bellow is two pictures of her to let you see which picture is hers and to see that she SO deserves to win!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Inflatable love!

So, this post is one I've been meaning to do for a LONG time. I want to show of my blow-up doll AVs! Unfortunetly, I can't due them nude. Photobucket yanked the pics for ToS violation. Guess digital representations of an inanimate love object isn't OK, LOL. Sooooo, if anyone wants to see them nude, just IM me in SL and I'll be more then happy to model them :-)

Anyway, first up is the Dark Delights lovedoll I mentioned wayyyyy back in January. (Wow, I can't beleve it's been that long already.) It's the first, and for a long time only, blow-up doll AV I could find. Still looks pretty good i think.

Next is the second one i got, the brainless lovedoll from JapCatz. It look...well...different. Kinda cute. but, i don't know not my favorite. The best thing it's got going for it is the brainles kinda hop-skip that comes with. kinda sexy/creepy.

Finally is the Rubber Sexdoll from Rei Gynoid. I have to say I LOVE this one! It has a prim, hairpiece, mouthsheath, and sex, that all lock. It has a total sex obect look to it.

Friday, September 14, 2007

A new RPing area

So, the other day, Amea and I went to the Transarcadia sim. We had both heard a lot about it from other transformation fans. It’s geared more towards gender shifting, though other TF play is done there as well. Always up for a good RP, Amea and I decided to check it out. The sim is very well designed, with a pleasant feel to in.

Unfortunately, when we arrived the sim was pretty empty. We wandered around a little bit, poking around until we stumbled on a young woman named Matthew . We RP for a bit (Quite a bit actually). Eventually, she revealed she was cursed by a neko and turned into a young neko herself. Using a little magic, she showed us what she really looked like, first turning into a Neko, then a man!

Matthew was very nice. We ended up chatting for a long time after the RP. Eventually, He mentiond he had read my blog! I was blown away! then, Amea mentioned he recognized his screen name from a web site she went to! It was amazing what a small world the encounter turned out to be.

Ame and i returned to Transarcadea the next day, and got granted membership. I'm a Citizen there, while Amea went with Servant (A step aboce a Chattel, a total slave and below a Citizen) We haven't RPed there again yet, mostly because I wanted to get my backstory down first. but it sounds like it's going to be a fun place to play!

Also should mention the Stuck Posing site, done by K-8 (Conscious Object's blog)and Jay Petto, of Jay Petto's puppet Smut It's a fun ASFR forum, and I've been having a BLAST posting there. There's even a RP going on called "The Toy Shop of Doom!" that's very entertaining. Come check it out!

One final note, KK is having a fashion show once again this Sunday at noon SLY, and yours truly will be in it! It's at the Blackrose Castle. IM me and I can give you a LM

Monday, September 10, 2007

Oh the things you will be down by the sea

So, time once again to show off more transformations and AVs I've found. this time, I think I'll actually do a theme to it. So, without further adu, to the beach!

First up is on of two variant mermaids i got at Grendel's Children; The shark mermaid! This one looks pretty nice. Very sexy, yet a bit dangerous.

Next up, from the depth of the ocean, is the deep see siren. The coolest part of it (which you can't see 'cause it got cut off in the picture) is the little dangly glowey fishing lure on the forhead. It even glows green, which looks pretty creepy at night.

The final beach critter is somethig with a bit less spine; a jellyfish1 this one is so wierd looking! Yet there's something about it. The neat thing is you flot with all three of these AVs so no worries if you want to take them on land LOL

Lastly, we come to my favorite; A ship figurehead AV. There's something about the look of a ships figurehead. Ever since i saw the movie Cabin Boy, i find the thought of being one kind of appealing. I mean, yes you wuodn't get played wit. but I like the idea. I honestly don't remember where I bouht this one from though.

Here's a picture of my friend Amea standing on my deck. I TPed her over, not telling her what I was. As you can tell, she's a little puzzled where I'm at, LOL.

On another notw, is anyone out there reading my blog? I mean i enjoy writing it, but I don't get a lot of posts. I wouldn't ven mind if people just posted "I like!", "Good job!" or "You suck" (Ok, I would mind the you suck comments. But atleast it would let me know people out there are reading this LOL)