Friday, September 14, 2007

A new RPing area

So, the other day, Amea and I went to the Transarcadia sim. We had both heard a lot about it from other transformation fans. It’s geared more towards gender shifting, though other TF play is done there as well. Always up for a good RP, Amea and I decided to check it out. The sim is very well designed, with a pleasant feel to in.

Unfortunately, when we arrived the sim was pretty empty. We wandered around a little bit, poking around until we stumbled on a young woman named Matthew . We RP for a bit (Quite a bit actually). Eventually, she revealed she was cursed by a neko and turned into a young neko herself. Using a little magic, she showed us what she really looked like, first turning into a Neko, then a man!

Matthew was very nice. We ended up chatting for a long time after the RP. Eventually, He mentiond he had read my blog! I was blown away! then, Amea mentioned he recognized his screen name from a web site she went to! It was amazing what a small world the encounter turned out to be.

Ame and i returned to Transarcadea the next day, and got granted membership. I'm a Citizen there, while Amea went with Servant (A step aboce a Chattel, a total slave and below a Citizen) We haven't RPed there again yet, mostly because I wanted to get my backstory down first. but it sounds like it's going to be a fun place to play!

Also should mention the Stuck Posing site, done by K-8 (Conscious Object's blog)and Jay Petto, of Jay Petto's puppet Smut It's a fun ASFR forum, and I've been having a BLAST posting there. There's even a RP going on called "The Toy Shop of Doom!" that's very entertaining. Come check it out!

One final note, KK is having a fashion show once again this Sunday at noon SLY, and yours truly will be in it! It's at the Blackrose Castle. IM me and I can give you a LM


Anonymous said...


Yeah, I've been waiting for you to post on "toy shop of doom." It's getting very interesting.


Anonymous said...

Hey Yora, I finally got around to checking out your blog. Kudos on a fine job.

I remember your visit to Transarcadia with Amea's well, and I do hope you'll be back soon.


Anonymous said...

Amazing what you fine when typing SL places in a general web search. I have been hanging around Transarcadia fo a while now, and the RP seems to be getting better. Pop back in ad see what other changes have been made.