Saturday, March 31, 2007

My purrrrrrfect new look =^.^=

So first thing first. Today is my birthday. I officialy turn 30.

On another subject all together I got a new look. It's one that honestly suprised me that I like as much as I do. I'm a neko most of the time now. What's a neko, you ask? Just look at the pics bellow.

So, yeah, i'm a cat girl most the time. I really like it, which is a bit of a suprise. I haven't ever been into nekos before now. I mean, I like animal transformations, but I never but them high on my fetish list.

But everyone tells me I look so cute. And I love my floppy ears and twitcy tail. i even got a neko AO and a bracelet that lets me pounce people. hehehe.

This is the kitty sit in the AO. So cute!

Sleeping all curled up. just taking a little cat nap

The AO walk. On all fours just like a cat. Plus every so often I groom myself. Like I said, i never expected liking bing a neko. But honestly, I tend to be this way now more often then I am human

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Ohhh, Yora is a doll, hehe

Ohhh, so, Yora is hypnotized right now. Well, OK more accurately, she’s under the effects of a trigger. She feels really good, hehe.

Ohhh, Yora is a doll. She feels like one. Pointy toes. Permanent smile. She feels really, really good, hehe.

Ohhh, Yora doesn’t look different, but she feels different. Such a good feeling. This is why she loves hypnosis, hehe

Ohhh, Yora really likes this feeling. She feels conferrable. Warm. At peace. Like this is right. She likes being a doll, hehe

Ohhh, Yora had been trying for a while for this to work. Kalira said her sub-contious was not accepting the triggers. Yora tried for some time. She was almost afrade she would never be hypnotized, hehe

Ohhh, Yora always wanted to be a doll. In RL. Plastic and immobile, And this is letting her experience that. She loves this feeling. She only wished she saw herself as a doll. But this shows her she’s close now, hehe

Ohhh, Yora is glad Kalira didn’t give up on her. She has been very patient with her. Kalira runs the School for Dollification in SL. She’s an expert at hypnosis. And is very friendly. Yora is very glad she met Kalira, hehe

Friday, March 23, 2007

The Masks I Wear in Second Life pt 2

So of course after posting yesterday about the 6 different masks I wear in SL in a given situations, I think of a 7th one; Teacher Yora. This is the way I act when helping out newbies, or explaining how to do something in SL. I act patient, calm, and type clearly. I also, answer every question, no mater how simple is may be. After all, we were all newbies once.

I tend to like to help newbies out. I never had someone playing big brother or big sister when I started (Though I do now. Thanks Yara!). I had to learn to do everything myself. And honestly, that can frustrate and turn off some people. I mean, it took me a few tries before I learned to unpack a box. And, yes I got stuck in a demo skin once, too.

I usually go over all the basics with a newbie; How to unpack stuff, changing skins, getting them to the freebee places and money trees, teaching them basic SL lingo, and letting them know what kind of jobs are available. I’ll even spot them a little bit of cash so they can get some prim hair and give the some clothes and skins.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The many masks I wear in SL

One thing I got to thinking about lately is how different I act in SL at times. I’ve done things that I would never think of doing in RL. Part of it is the anonymity factor the SL offers. No one knows who I am in RL, so if I embrace myself by doing something stupid, it’s not as much of a big deal.

But it’s not just that. I act entirely different in SL depending upon what I’m doing and who I’m with. I kinda think of these as different rolls to act out or masks to put on. It’s hard to explain. It’s not like I’m a different person when I’m Bubbly Yora as opposed to Slut Yora. They’re all me.

Bubbly Yora- I call it Bubbly Yora, because I’m always upbeat, happy, and perky. This is the main way I act. I tend to do lots of ;) and LOLs. I also joke around a lot, sometimes getting myself in trouble (Especially if I forget to hide my cuffs). I also talk a lot. Sometimes when I’m IMing, I’ll look up and realize that I’ve rambled so long that the other person hasn’t answered me in 5 minutes. This is the main way I am in SL.

Kinky Yora- This is how I am when I discover a new fetish or play an existing one. I’m curious and inquisitive. I use /me a lot to role play properly. If it’s a new kink I want to find out as much as I can about it. I’m open minded and I will never turn down any offer to try something new. This is the aspect that I most closely live by my SL motto “I’ll try anything at least once, otherwise how will I know if I like it of not.”

Slut Yora- Yes, I’m not all sweet and innocent. I have a slutty side too. I tend to be a bit of a tease. However, when I’m this way, I’m all about sex and getting laid. I don’t get this way a lot. Mostly if someone really turns me on. This is different then Kinky Yora, because Slutty Yora is all about sex, not necessarily play.

Sub Yora-When I say Sub Yora, I don’t mean me as a sub. It’s more how I act around someone in higher station then me, be it the person playing the domme to me, a friend's domme, or someone I respect. I’m very quiet and extremely respectful. In my mind a sub speaks when told to. I still emote though. I don’t want the other person to think I went AFK because I haven’t said anything. Master or Mistress is always capitalized. They are like proper titles. I actually did this without being told to. Just made sense to me. I tend to slip into this roll very easily

Domme Yora-This is probably my rarest roll. Mya and Ralna really helped me to learn to be a domme. I tend to play coy, pulling out a toy and teasing them a bit with it before I really go at it. Sometimes I’ll stop and let them squirm a bit. Make them beg for me to continue. I’m also a lot more unsympathetic. I know this doesn’t sound like much, or that I’m a really good domme. But I’m still learning to be a domme. And as such this roll is always changing.

Friend Yora- This is me with my closest friends. Kind, honest caring, always willing to listen, and willing to do anything to help someone. I’m also a great person to tell a secret to, as I will never willingly betray someone’s trust. This is the closest to how I am in RL. Now I’m not saying that I don’t also have a bit of the other rolls in me in RL. But this is the closest to the real me.

So 6 aspects of myself that I play in SL. I might have more, I don’t know. Every day I find out more about myself. My likes, dislikes, and who I am as a person. This is why I love SL. It’s an incredible learning experience.

BTW, I'm curious, does ayone else think of how they act in SL like this? Or am I all alone thinking ths way? Please post some comment's if you do.

Monday, March 19, 2007

The Green Faery of St. Patrick's Day

So, on St. Patrick's day Kayliwulf Kingdom threw another one of there parties. I allways love attending them. DJ Laz always picks out great songs, it's a kick to hang out with the models, and free latex ;) I figured, given that it was St Patricks Day, I should dress for the occasion. So I searcheb my inventory for every green ting I had, and started playing around, seeing what looked good.

I ended up being a green latex faery. For a slapped together outfit, I think it came out pretty well. And a lot of people seemed to like it to. I got a ton of compliments. So, yay me, LOL! The party was once again great. Lazarus gave out a killer leprechaun green catsuit. And even with a rolling restart interupting the party, we danced away til late into the night.

Also, I won a contest at Kayliwulf! Daphne was holding a contest, where the top 6 models who accumulated the most hours in a one month period would get to model in billboards for the store! Thes billboards are going to be all over SL. I posed for 391 hours. Insane, I know, but what cn I say, I love being a mannequin, LOL. That put me in third amoung the top six. I'll keep everyone posted when the billboards are up. I can't wait to see them!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

My transformation fasion show

So, as I mentioned back when I showed my goth Naga avatar, I love cool, kinky, wacky and just plain fun AVs. I figure today's post should be all about some of the many things I wear and become in SL.

First up is an oddball one I have. It's a suit of pink, Girl Power power armor I bought, mostly because it wa pink. Yes, I'm weak ;). The first pic is the basic cloathing that comes with the suit. They alone don't look bad, to be honest. Kinda sexy-futuristic.

And here's me with the armor on. The jetpack on the back even spouts flames while your flying. A very nice touch. Honestly, I do like it. I just have no idea when I'll ever wear it. Maybe if I ever try out one of the combat arenas I've heard about

Next is me as a marionett. This one is very cute! Cheap to. IIRC it only cost me $200. It's kinda hard to tell, since there's nothing in the picture to indicate scale, but I'm really tiny. Like less then half my normal size. The cross bar up top even has pose controls built into it. I can click on it and make myself dance, spin, or even get all tangled in the strings. Unfortunently, it's set so only I can do it. Were's the fun of being a puppet if someone else can't pull your strings?

This outfit is the pink Galactic Slave AV from Kayliwulf Kingdom. I also have it in the original orange and black. I really like the look of it. So alien and sexy. BTW, the two ponytils ate my addition. I had a latex ponygirl tail and I wondered what it would look like with it on my head. One thing lead to another, and this is the result. Apparently Lazarus Luan, one of the owners of KK likes the way it looks. He said I looked like "The poster child for latex.";)

My clockwork AV. It's not perfect. I want to tweek some of it, like the skin. But it makes me look really cute. Like a wind up ballarina ;) Unfortunently, I didn't notice you couldn't see the key sticking out of my back in this shot. D'oh!

I saw this outfit and I had to have it. As a total child of the 80's I remember watching Rainbow Bright. The boots were seperate, but they match pretty well. And the thigh length rainbow tights are just too cute!

I hve to thank my friend Piper for once again inspiring me to try something a bit different. Piper is Kayliwulf's resident rodent. She's a latex mouse. And I had been wanting to be turned into something like that. But different so I wasn't copying her look. After quite a bit of searching, I found a booth that sold a skunk AV. I liked it, but after fiddling around with the colors, I figures it would make a very good chipmunk too. I had to make the tail to finish it of. Not bad over all. Now, I'm kinda wantng a Neko AV (catgirl). Piper had better watch out then, LOL.

Finally, this is a statue AV from Dark Delights Forniphilia line. I bought it to see how I looked, and because the some of the parts of the set use two people to make a piece of furnature ;) I haven't gotten a full set yet, but that's very high on my wants list. And beleve me, I will have lots of photos up when I do get it ;)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Your getting sleeepy

So earlier I mentioned my new found fondness for being hypnotised. While I haven't had a opportunity to go back under lately, there is a really cool gizmo in SL that's right up any hypno-fan's alley; The Hypnotron! This nifty gizmo is a hypnosis machine made by WinterRose of ASFR fame. You get into it, ans your entire screen is filled with a giant, swirling spiral. Words and occasionally in some scripts images appear. Just the act of staring at it really makes me drift.

The one I loved the most out of all the scripts I did was the doll script. The first time I did it, I physically locked up in RL. I couldn't move a muscle. In fact, I don't think I even blinked the whole time I was doing it. It was one of the most intense experiences of my time in SL.
Unfortunently, I didn't feel any different afterwards. My stubornness to hypnosis strikes again :(

Also, in other hypno related news, I started seeing how well I could hypnotize someone else. One of my friends, Gixxi Pera, mentioned that she'd like to try being hypnotised. After a bit of discussion, I agreed to try. Gixxi listened to a few files, stuff to help her go into a trance. The next day, she told me that after listening to it twice, she couldn't remember any of the file after getting counted down after she woke up at the end.

I was so jealous. Gixxi was a natural. She did in two days what took me 2 weeks. But, it did mean she would be easy to hypnotise ;) And boy was I right. Gixxi took triggers really easily. So far, I glued her had to her chest, put an invisible piece of tape over her mouth, made her squeeze her nipples or pleasure herself when ever I type certain words, and lots more. Gixxi seems to love it, and I must admit, being the hypnotist is a lot of fun ;)

Monday, March 5, 2007

My friends in SL: Ralna

First off, I wanna say sorry about taking so long to update my blog. RL has kept me very busy. On the upside, I should have about 3 or 4 more posts coming pretty quickly ;). I’m planning on posting a bit about my newest hypnosis experience, do a fashion show of some of the best AVs and outfits I’ve found, tell everyone about a contest I won, and a bunch of other stuff.

So today’s post is a bit different from others I’ve done. I want to introduce everyone to some of my friends I met in SL, as opposed to just things I’ve done. The first one I want to introduce is Ralna Payne. We met about a month back. She was introduced to me by another friend, Nicolette. Ralna, was looking for a job. So I told her I’d help her, see if I couldn’t get her hired on at Kayliwulf as a model (She did get hired on. Everyone there likes her a lot)

Ralna and I are best friends. I’ve told her things I’ve never told anyone else, in SL or RL. We both tend to like many of the same things. Were also both children of the 80’s ;)

Ralna is pretty open, willing to try just about anything. When we first met, Ralna was 100% domme. The only colors she would wear were black and red. After a bit of talking, she told me she’d like to try being a sub every once in a while, just to see what it was like. But she didn’t want to be someone’s slave. So, I offered to try being a domme for her.

This was a new experience for both of us, each of us teaching the other how they should act. So we changed clothes, hair, everything to look the roll. Ralna wore pink for the first time. And I wore a red catsuit, the first time I haven’t worn pink in a long time ;)

Honestly, we both found we liked it. Being a domme was a bit of a thrill. And Ralna seemed to love being the sub from time to time. Neither of us are switching full time, but neither of us are 100% one way now.

One thing I quickly found was Ralna’s fondness for bondage. Being a fan of it myself, we both have had a lot of fun. The most memorable one was on Valentines Day. We were both at KK, when we say two of the other models there, Piper and Heather playing around a bit. Piper had activated a cage with Heather’s collar. Ralna then asked me if my collar could do the same. She liked the cage, and said she wanted to be locked in it with me.

So we stepped a bit out of the way, and she gave the cage command. We were both trapped. Ralna then told me to take my collar off. That way she couldn’t leave the cage by giving the uncage command. We were trapped now. No escape. Not that either of us really wanted out ;)

Ralna then got a wicked idea. She used my cuffs and shackled my ankles together. That way, even if I somehow got out of the cage, I still wasn’t going anywhere. She then put there cuffs on and I did the same to her. We ended up spending the night hogtied and on display in the middle of the store for everyone to see.

We both have a great time together. I’m honestly very lucky to have met her. She’s a wonderful person, and being her friend has helped me to discover new things about myself.