Saturday, March 17, 2007

My transformation fasion show

So, as I mentioned back when I showed my goth Naga avatar, I love cool, kinky, wacky and just plain fun AVs. I figure today's post should be all about some of the many things I wear and become in SL.

First up is an oddball one I have. It's a suit of pink, Girl Power power armor I bought, mostly because it wa pink. Yes, I'm weak ;). The first pic is the basic cloathing that comes with the suit. They alone don't look bad, to be honest. Kinda sexy-futuristic.

And here's me with the armor on. The jetpack on the back even spouts flames while your flying. A very nice touch. Honestly, I do like it. I just have no idea when I'll ever wear it. Maybe if I ever try out one of the combat arenas I've heard about

Next is me as a marionett. This one is very cute! Cheap to. IIRC it only cost me $200. It's kinda hard to tell, since there's nothing in the picture to indicate scale, but I'm really tiny. Like less then half my normal size. The cross bar up top even has pose controls built into it. I can click on it and make myself dance, spin, or even get all tangled in the strings. Unfortunently, it's set so only I can do it. Were's the fun of being a puppet if someone else can't pull your strings?

This outfit is the pink Galactic Slave AV from Kayliwulf Kingdom. I also have it in the original orange and black. I really like the look of it. So alien and sexy. BTW, the two ponytils ate my addition. I had a latex ponygirl tail and I wondered what it would look like with it on my head. One thing lead to another, and this is the result. Apparently Lazarus Luan, one of the owners of KK likes the way it looks. He said I looked like "The poster child for latex.";)

My clockwork AV. It's not perfect. I want to tweek some of it, like the skin. But it makes me look really cute. Like a wind up ballarina ;) Unfortunently, I didn't notice you couldn't see the key sticking out of my back in this shot. D'oh!

I saw this outfit and I had to have it. As a total child of the 80's I remember watching Rainbow Bright. The boots were seperate, but they match pretty well. And the thigh length rainbow tights are just too cute!

I hve to thank my friend Piper for once again inspiring me to try something a bit different. Piper is Kayliwulf's resident rodent. She's a latex mouse. And I had been wanting to be turned into something like that. But different so I wasn't copying her look. After quite a bit of searching, I found a booth that sold a skunk AV. I liked it, but after fiddling around with the colors, I figures it would make a very good chipmunk too. I had to make the tail to finish it of. Not bad over all. Now, I'm kinda wantng a Neko AV (catgirl). Piper had better watch out then, LOL.

Finally, this is a statue AV from Dark Delights Forniphilia line. I bought it to see how I looked, and because the some of the parts of the set use two people to make a piece of furnature ;) I haven't gotten a full set yet, but that's very high on my wants list. And beleve me, I will have lots of photos up when I do get it ;)


Anonymous said...

Wow, someone made a marionette thing in there?? You totally gotta show me where that is. ^_^

Yora Vig said...

Of course i'll show you! Let me search for the place again and I'll send you a LM ASAP. Honestly though, the best part of it is the crossbar t the top. The rest of the AV needs work, but it's a good price for what you get