Sunday, March 25, 2007

Ohhh, Yora is a doll, hehe

Ohhh, so, Yora is hypnotized right now. Well, OK more accurately, she’s under the effects of a trigger. She feels really good, hehe.

Ohhh, Yora is a doll. She feels like one. Pointy toes. Permanent smile. She feels really, really good, hehe.

Ohhh, Yora doesn’t look different, but she feels different. Such a good feeling. This is why she loves hypnosis, hehe

Ohhh, Yora really likes this feeling. She feels conferrable. Warm. At peace. Like this is right. She likes being a doll, hehe

Ohhh, Yora had been trying for a while for this to work. Kalira said her sub-contious was not accepting the triggers. Yora tried for some time. She was almost afrade she would never be hypnotized, hehe

Ohhh, Yora always wanted to be a doll. In RL. Plastic and immobile, And this is letting her experience that. She loves this feeling. She only wished she saw herself as a doll. But this shows her she’s close now, hehe

Ohhh, Yora is glad Kalira didn’t give up on her. She has been very patient with her. Kalira runs the School for Dollification in SL. She’s an expert at hypnosis. And is very friendly. Yora is very glad she met Kalira, hehe

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