Monday, March 19, 2007

The Green Faery of St. Patrick's Day

So, on St. Patrick's day Kayliwulf Kingdom threw another one of there parties. I allways love attending them. DJ Laz always picks out great songs, it's a kick to hang out with the models, and free latex ;) I figured, given that it was St Patricks Day, I should dress for the occasion. So I searcheb my inventory for every green ting I had, and started playing around, seeing what looked good.

I ended up being a green latex faery. For a slapped together outfit, I think it came out pretty well. And a lot of people seemed to like it to. I got a ton of compliments. So, yay me, LOL! The party was once again great. Lazarus gave out a killer leprechaun green catsuit. And even with a rolling restart interupting the party, we danced away til late into the night.

Also, I won a contest at Kayliwulf! Daphne was holding a contest, where the top 6 models who accumulated the most hours in a one month period would get to model in billboards for the store! Thes billboards are going to be all over SL. I posed for 391 hours. Insane, I know, but what cn I say, I love being a mannequin, LOL. That put me in third amoung the top six. I'll keep everyone posted when the billboards are up. I can't wait to see them!

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