Monday, March 5, 2007

My friends in SL: Ralna

First off, I wanna say sorry about taking so long to update my blog. RL has kept me very busy. On the upside, I should have about 3 or 4 more posts coming pretty quickly ;). I’m planning on posting a bit about my newest hypnosis experience, do a fashion show of some of the best AVs and outfits I’ve found, tell everyone about a contest I won, and a bunch of other stuff.

So today’s post is a bit different from others I’ve done. I want to introduce everyone to some of my friends I met in SL, as opposed to just things I’ve done. The first one I want to introduce is Ralna Payne. We met about a month back. She was introduced to me by another friend, Nicolette. Ralna, was looking for a job. So I told her I’d help her, see if I couldn’t get her hired on at Kayliwulf as a model (She did get hired on. Everyone there likes her a lot)

Ralna and I are best friends. I’ve told her things I’ve never told anyone else, in SL or RL. We both tend to like many of the same things. Were also both children of the 80’s ;)

Ralna is pretty open, willing to try just about anything. When we first met, Ralna was 100% domme. The only colors she would wear were black and red. After a bit of talking, she told me she’d like to try being a sub every once in a while, just to see what it was like. But she didn’t want to be someone’s slave. So, I offered to try being a domme for her.

This was a new experience for both of us, each of us teaching the other how they should act. So we changed clothes, hair, everything to look the roll. Ralna wore pink for the first time. And I wore a red catsuit, the first time I haven’t worn pink in a long time ;)

Honestly, we both found we liked it. Being a domme was a bit of a thrill. And Ralna seemed to love being the sub from time to time. Neither of us are switching full time, but neither of us are 100% one way now.

One thing I quickly found was Ralna’s fondness for bondage. Being a fan of it myself, we both have had a lot of fun. The most memorable one was on Valentines Day. We were both at KK, when we say two of the other models there, Piper and Heather playing around a bit. Piper had activated a cage with Heather’s collar. Ralna then asked me if my collar could do the same. She liked the cage, and said she wanted to be locked in it with me.

So we stepped a bit out of the way, and she gave the cage command. We were both trapped. Ralna then told me to take my collar off. That way she couldn’t leave the cage by giving the uncage command. We were trapped now. No escape. Not that either of us really wanted out ;)

Ralna then got a wicked idea. She used my cuffs and shackled my ankles together. That way, even if I somehow got out of the cage, I still wasn’t going anywhere. She then put there cuffs on and I did the same to her. We ended up spending the night hogtied and on display in the middle of the store for everyone to see.

We both have a great time together. I’m honestly very lucky to have met her. She’s a wonderful person, and being her friend has helped me to discover new things about myself.


Anonymous said...

My dear sweet Yora

thank you so much for this. You changed so much in me and I´m so happy for.
You are my best friend here and in RL, too - I trust nobody so much like you!
Yora, you are great - I´m proud and honored to be your best friend forever!

Forever yours


Anonymous said...

link was wrong :-)

Anonymous said...

Ralna is so sweet, I too love her as both a sub and a domme. And she is so good to me :)