Saturday, February 10, 2007


So all this downer talk lately makes me realize I really need to post something good. Something about the fun I've been having. And honestly, one of the biggest thrills I've had lately was being successfully hypnotised and having a trigger implanted!

It happened about a week ago (Man, I'm behind in updating). After a few days of regular listening of the relaxation file, Kalira and I were trying another face-to-face session. Once more she counted me down. I began to drift again, feeling light, and a bit disconnected. Finally she got me to visualize my mind as a door, one that I only needed to open for her. So, I opened the door for her and let her in. She then game me three triggers; the Barbie transformation, a freeze command, and a special trigger where I'd do anything that she types between two asterisks without knowing why I'm doing it. She then woke me up and went about trying out the triggers.

First she typed *meow like a cat*. Nothing happened. I saw the words fine, but didn't feel compelled to do it. Disappointed, she tried the Barbie trigger. Instantly, I began smiling. I also found myself unable to walk flat footed. I had to walk on my tip-toes, like I was wearing heels. Unfortunately, that's all that happened. I didn't feel any different. No smooth plastic skin, no solid nippleless breasts, and no changes below the belt, so to speak. And I didn't look any different in the mirror.

Finally, she tried the freeze trigger. As soon as I saw the trigger word on screen, I locked up in RL! I couldn't move a muscle! I could still blink, and swallow, but that was it. Well, except for getting really turned on about being immobile, that is ;)

After a few seconds, Kalira gave me the unfreeze trigger. Instantly, I could move again. I told her right away what happened and honestly I think she was just as happy as I was that one trigger fully worked. She then put me under again to see if she could strengthen the Barbie trigger. But once again the same thing happened. Smiles and heels, nothing else. At this point I was starting to get a little frustrated, not the best mindset to be in to be hypnotised. Kalira called it a night, but not before telling me to sleep overnight with the Barbie trigger on. She said it might help strengthen it, making it easier to take the rest of the trigger in.

The next day, I got out of bed and stood up. It took me only a second to realize I was flat footed. I also lost my oh so cheery smile. When I told Kalira about it later, she was disappointed, but not surprised. She says the mind tends to reset itself during sleep. And unless the command it set right, I'd just loose it. We then tried again to set the Barbie trigger. Once again, I was heels and smiles. And once again, nothing else. Kalira then said I might be having trouble visualising. She recommended another file, which I have been listening to a lot. Disappointed about the Barbie, we turned out attention back to the freeze trigger. Would it still work?

It did! Once again I froze, unable to move at all. After a few minutes freed me. She then asked if I wanted to be frozen longer. Of course I said yes! we settled on 10 minutes. Once more I was frozen, totally aware, but unable to move. Kalira had fun with me, walking around, dusting me in SL like I was a mannequin. She even at one point threatened to leave me frozen like this. I knew she was only playing, but honestly for a moment, I wished she would. 10 minutes later she unfroze me. Of course, the first thing out of my mouth was "Lets do that again!"

So Kalira took me out into a nice public place. She asked how long this time and I told her 20. She froze me again. Then she told me she had some shopping to do and she'd be back in 20 minutes. She also told me to fight as hard as I could to move while she was gone. Not able to say anything to stop her, she left. Those were the longest 20 minutes of my life. I struggled to move. I managed to grit my teeth. I got my eyes to squint. I think I even managed to get a toe to twitch. But everything else was like lead. I couldn't move at all. Finally Kalira came back and unfroze me. We then called it a night.

Unfortunately, that's the last session I've had with Kalira in a week. She's been offline, apparently with computer problems. A shame because I'm just dying to continue my dolly transformation

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