Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dolls of all kinds

Hey all! So one side effect from my erratic blogging schedule due to work is I've missed posting about a lot of new items from shops I've talked about before. Some shops have even totally revamped there entire store since I last posted on them. One shop that's put out alot of new stuff and changed it's look a lot was Mechatoys.

Mecha has been working like crazy, putting out all sorts of new things for her shop. And man, has her stuff just gotten better and better! One thing I really like about Mecha, besides how sweet she is (Seriously, she's like one of the most adorably nice people I know in SL) is how she'd constantly doing her own thing and putting out doll stuff that no one has thought of doing.


Case in point is her My Little Pony doll. This one just looks so cute! Half doll, half pony and all adorible! Plus, the bridal even acts as a collar, so you can leash them up that way. It comes in two colors blue or green.


Mecha's Cheerdoll is also done fantastically. The outfit is a metalic looking one and really stand out. The skin is also fabulous! The AV also comes wit ha fully posable hud as well and a wind up key.


Like I said above Mecha likes to do things unlike any other doll makers in SL do. Her Bratz AV is a perfect example. Patterned after the doll line of the same name, Mecha really hit it out of the park on this one. The best touch is the head, It's a sculpted, fully animated one, capable of showing different emotions. I really love how this one looks. It's so unique, and really looks different then anything else in SL.


Mecha's Powerpuff AV looks so tough but cute! I love how this one looks, and honestly I could see myself wearing it day to day. The hair especially fits my style pretty well, given my wild hair love hehehe.


Finally is the SailorToy. This one just looks fantastic. It's inspired by, obviously enough, Sailor Moon and wow does it look nice. Like the Bratz doll the face is a animated sculpted one, and it really works well. This hands down is my favorite one at Mechas right now.


Mecha's shop is located at She just redesigned it to look almost like a 50's style diner. It came out wonderful. Pop by have a look and see what she has! She also has a website at Take a look and see all she has.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Status of the Blog

First off let me say I hate not updating on a regular basis. I really do. But work is taking up a lot of my time. You don't realize how much goes into running a shopping mall until you get in the main office LOL. I just haven't been in SL as much lately as a result. And since I haven't been in world as much, I haven't had as much blog worthy stuff to talk about. I have some items to review and show off, and I'll likely do it soonish. I just need to get pictures of them. As for a regular update schedule, well I don't think that'll happen. I'll still post and update, but it's likely going to be irregular (Like that's anything new LOL). I hate pushing this and my blog back to the back burner, but one mantra I've always lived by is Real Life comes first. I love SL, and I'm not done with it any time soon though.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Post auction wrap up

Hi all! So, a little while back I mentioned the Doll Works auction and that I was going to put myself up to be bid on. Well I did it and I must say I really enjoyed myself ;) I decided to go as a white latex doll, with breast and pussy add on in full view of everyone in the crowd, and mouth permanently open wide ;) Very embarrassing, but I loved every minute of it.


The turn out was rather light at first. Only 3 dolls showed up to be auctioned, and the crowed was rather sparse. It did get busier as it went on with more dolls being put up and more buyers showing up. Many in the crowd I recognized. A few I didn't.


I honestly don't know how many total dolls went on auction, given I was the third put up. It was really quite exciting being bid on like a real toy ;) In the end I went for a whopping $1201 Lindens, apparently the highest selling doll of the day. I was bought by one Miss Badger, apparently a fan of my blog ;)

To say she was sweet would be an understatement. Miss Badger is a candy Mistress. She likes to combine dolls, bondage, and candy all into one delicious package. She started by tasting me to find out my name. Quite a few squirm inducing licks latter she dubbed me Sugar ;)

She had bought me for two days, but this time was spread out over a few due to my RL schedule and the fact she was getting married in SL. I will say this, I had a wonderful time with Miss Badger and hope to have a few more stories in the future.

One thing to note, there will be another Doll Works auction in the future and yes I will be putting myself up again for bid. I REALLY enjoyed it and can't wait to do it again :) When I do, I'll be sure to let everyone know in advance. I want to try to beat my old sale price ;)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

Hey all, today's post is a short one. I wanted to give a quick update on the Doll Works Auction first. I went for 1201 Lindens to a Miss Badger, so a nice chunk to help out them paying their tier payment. I'll give some more details on the auction and what I've been doing for the time I was sold soon. I originally put down 2 days but to to RL, I'm spreading them out over a few days total. Plus still waiting on a few pictures as well ;)

Also, like the total said, today's my birthday! It seems like it's a good one so far :) I'll post again soon, likely this weekend. Til then see you all later!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Gooshy goo girl

So first thing first. I still have moderated comments on for the blog. And so far, I'm glad I do. Of the 17 comment posts made this week, all 17 were spam. So, yeah that sucks :( Don't feel funny about posting people! Believe me I wanna hear from you! Please please please post and let me know what you think about the blog. It can only lead to me making things better, or finding new stuff to post about.

On another note, I'm finally doing something I've been thinking about doing for a long long time. I'm entering an auction ;) The auction starts at 10am Second Life time (AKA pacific time) Sunday, March 28th at the Doll Works sim ( I just submitted my application tonight, so officially I'm not in yet, but when I hear the definitive word, I'll let you guys know. Half the proceeds from the auction go to helping pay for the Doll Works tier costs for operation. The other half goes to the person being auctioned. Odds are though I'm just gonna give it all to DW. I'm going up for a 2 day total auction time. I'd do more, but with work it's hard to get time set aside weekdays. I'm off weekends though hence the 2 days. Anyway, hope so see a lot of people there!

Finally, I want to show off a pretty cool AV I just got. The Goo Girl AV is honestly one of the most feature jam packed AVs I’ve gotten in a long while. First off the look of it is pretty cool. It’s translucent and has an animated texture on it as well so it looks just like its really oozing and dripping.


That’s just the start though. It also has a lot of scripted features as well. It’s fully color changeable with a TON of colors to pick from. I decided to show this off a bit by swapping colors for each picture. You can alter the body color, eye color, and any of the four included hair’s colors individual from each other. It also has shape changing features as well. You can change from a human looking Goo Girl to a bunch of animal hybrid forms, like a cat, dog, raccoon, fox, mouse, or even a dragon.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Also you can sprout tentacles from the back of it, up to four pairs total.


You also can add to the number of breasts the AV has, as well as….change the other naughty bits too.


I literally spent hours just playing around with all the different colors, shapes and features when I got it. It looks great in world all drippy and oozy. I might do a video of it showing it off so you all can see it better. Well, something to consider. If you want to see that lemme know!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Never judge a magic book by it's cover

First up I wanted to let everyone know I opened comments back up so anyone can post again. I didn't ever really want to take away anonymous posting, since it let a lot more people comment, but the span was driving me nuts. I know have it set on moderate comments, so I can weed out any garbage spam posts before they show up for everyone to see. I promise that's the only thing I'm gonna do moderation wise. So now all you anonymous readers feel free to comment away!

Anywho, not that long ago I was pointed in the direction of a shop called Kero's Toy Box ( by a friend (though who pointed me there I can't recall. I swear, this time away form SL made me do a total brain dump). Checking the place out, I found lots and lots of fun toys. In particular, I was told to check out the magic books the shop sells there. After looking the shop over I was very very impressed by what I saw. The books particularly blew me away. What are the books you may ask? Well, each is a magic spell book that changes the reader or person your showing it to into a object (as long as your running RLV and have a relay on). And man do they look fantastic!

There's 5 books in all. The coolest ting about them isn't just that they change you, it's that they change you into something interactive. First is the chair transformation. Yes, someone can sit on you while your changed. I love how this one looks, especially the padding. Very well done.


Next is the Victorian sofa. This one is also sit on-able, though I will admit I like the chair better. Maybe because the body is more used to make the form. Still this one does look very lovely.


The statue book is pretty self explanatory. I will say I love the skin for this one. The blue and white colors of it really look quite nice, and are very different then most other statue skins I've seen out there.


Ah the picture frame. This is probably the oddest of the transformations, but it really has a unique look. One thing to note on it is hte picture is changeable. I've seen 2 different ones in my times hanging on the wall ;)


The final book is the motorcycle transformation, and boy is this one cool. Not only is it like the chair and couch and sit-able, but it's ride-able too! so get changed into one and anyone can take you for a spin ;) Also, I've noticed each time I've been it I've been a different color bike, which is a really cool touch.


Overall, the books are fantastic, and honestly, this is just scratching the surface of what is at Kero's Toy Box. One word of warning though! If you want to try them bring a friend! All the book AVs auto lock on, and it takes another person to release you. If you aren't careful, you could end up decorating the shop for a long long time ;)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Catching back up with a few toys

Hey all! I'm thinking the next few posts I'm gonna be making are going to be on items I've seen or got over the past few months. There was a lot of really cool stuff hitting SL lately, most of which is RLV enabled. I do want to try to do more role play related posts, but honestly I haven't had as many really strong role play sessions lately. Still if I stumble into one, it's going up ;)

Today is going to be a few items from Hybridz. First up is there School Doll AVs. They come in 4 colors and like all AVs they sell are fully RLV enabled


The breasts for the suits are optional. If you want a less...umm..endowed look, it also includes a school badge as well. I alternated the above pics showing both. Overall I do like these, though there not the usual style of doll suits I tend to gravitate to. What I mean is I tend to like the all latex look, as opposed to skin showing, but these do look good. Very doll like and sexy :)

Next, also from Hybridz is their new puppy suit. This one is adorable!



I've always had a thing for the puppygirl look and this suit is fantastic. It's again totally lockable. As a bonus it also includes a animation hud, letting you sit, lay or even beg. Too cute!

Well, that's it for now. I'm still deciding what to show next, I have a ton that I want to post on. BTW, if anyone has any suggestions feel free to let me know! Some of the stuff I find by word of mouth and since I haven't been on SL as much, I haven't heard as much. Til later, see ya!

Monday, March 1, 2010

I got a job!

Ok so this isn't a real post, but I have to let everyone know, I got a job finally! It only took 8 months (8 long, long, long months) But I finally got a property manager position at a local mall! I'm so happy! This means I will be working, so money for SL toys, yay! Plus I'll be back on a consistent schedule, not spending every moment of every day job hunting. So more posts soon! This is my first week so I'll likely have some up as time permits, gotta get into the grove of it after all. But I'm aiming for this weekend, most likely Friday to resume posting once more!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The return of Yora and the Doll Life!

Hey all, I'm back! Sorry it's been so long. I really and truly meant to get postings done for the holidays, but RL has been crazy. I'm back in the job hunt after spending a month in a "I have a job if I can get certified for it" holding patter. Now that that's fallen through, I'm back to square one. So I'm still hunting, but 6 months of not working really sucks. Scraping to pay the bills is a pain in the butt, and obviously the reason I haven't been blogging much.

Still, it had been a while (Ack! The 8th of December was my last post!) and I figured I should keep on posting. After all, this blog isn't going to end til I leave SL, which I don't thinks gonna happen for a while.

Anyway, I've got a few items to show off to you guys. These are all from the shop Doll Life (, made by Bettie Binder. Her products are just wonderful! Very RLV enabled, and very very cool looking to boot. First up is the first thing I got from her shop, the Mannequin.

The one I got was the type 3 of the 3 designs available. You can wear it both with the hood and without.

Personally I like without myself ;) The suit is a restraint fans dream come true. you can self lock it for a variety of time with all sort of restriction option. Once you locked it though, depending on the level you picked, your stuck til someone else lets you out or until the timer runs out. plus, there's also a built in vibe, and a voting mode that lets others pick if you've been good or not. If you haven't, more time for you!

Next is one of the newer releases, the Cupid statue. This one doesn't have the self bondage options the Mannequin does, but it looks fantastic! it's fully RLV enabled so all the usual options are available. One of my favorite things is a script that's included with it. It lets you turn any hair you have into a matching marble hairdoo! that's such a great touch. Most statue things I've seen usually give you a default hair to use, but this adds a lot. Both are fully recolorable, thought I kinda like the default pink and white myself ;) I think I know what I'm gonna be for Valentine's Day!

I know it's a bit of a short post, but I have more planned soon. I'm gonna try my best to post as I can. I really don't want to take anywhere as long as last time LOL. One thing I'm curious about is the lack of comments. I made the blog so you have to be registered to post, because I was getting a lot of spam posts. You guys like? Dislike? Heck you don't even have to post a comment, jsut email me at Yoravig @ Hotmail . Com (no spaces obviously)

Til later all!