Monday, March 1, 2010

I got a job!

Ok so this isn't a real post, but I have to let everyone know, I got a job finally! It only took 8 months (8 long, long, long months) But I finally got a property manager position at a local mall! I'm so happy! This means I will be working, so money for SL toys, yay! Plus I'll be back on a consistent schedule, not spending every moment of every day job hunting. So more posts soon! This is my first week so I'll likely have some up as time permits, gotta get into the grove of it after all. But I'm aiming for this weekend, most likely Friday to resume posting once more!


maria said...

congratulations on your new job!!!...

Hi!... My name is maria and I'm new in this world of blogs.. I really liked yours and now im gonna follow it.
Please if you can, visit my blog, I would really appreciate it..
Congrats on your blog!!!

Unknown said...

I just started reading your blog a few days ago and am fairly new to SL too. I'm glad you found a job and will be able to post more, I was gonna be pretty upset having liked your other posts so much XD