Monday, March 15, 2010

Never judge a magic book by it's cover

First up I wanted to let everyone know I opened comments back up so anyone can post again. I didn't ever really want to take away anonymous posting, since it let a lot more people comment, but the span was driving me nuts. I know have it set on moderate comments, so I can weed out any garbage spam posts before they show up for everyone to see. I promise that's the only thing I'm gonna do moderation wise. So now all you anonymous readers feel free to comment away!

Anywho, not that long ago I was pointed in the direction of a shop called Kero's Toy Box ( by a friend (though who pointed me there I can't recall. I swear, this time away form SL made me do a total brain dump). Checking the place out, I found lots and lots of fun toys. In particular, I was told to check out the magic books the shop sells there. After looking the shop over I was very very impressed by what I saw. The books particularly blew me away. What are the books you may ask? Well, each is a magic spell book that changes the reader or person your showing it to into a object (as long as your running RLV and have a relay on). And man do they look fantastic!

There's 5 books in all. The coolest ting about them isn't just that they change you, it's that they change you into something interactive. First is the chair transformation. Yes, someone can sit on you while your changed. I love how this one looks, especially the padding. Very well done.


Next is the Victorian sofa. This one is also sit on-able, though I will admit I like the chair better. Maybe because the body is more used to make the form. Still this one does look very lovely.


The statue book is pretty self explanatory. I will say I love the skin for this one. The blue and white colors of it really look quite nice, and are very different then most other statue skins I've seen out there.


Ah the picture frame. This is probably the oddest of the transformations, but it really has a unique look. One thing to note on it is hte picture is changeable. I've seen 2 different ones in my times hanging on the wall ;)


The final book is the motorcycle transformation, and boy is this one cool. Not only is it like the chair and couch and sit-able, but it's ride-able too! so get changed into one and anyone can take you for a spin ;) Also, I've noticed each time I've been it I've been a different color bike, which is a really cool touch.


Overall, the books are fantastic, and honestly, this is just scratching the surface of what is at Kero's Toy Box. One word of warning though! If you want to try them bring a friend! All the book AVs auto lock on, and it takes another person to release you. If you aren't careful, you could end up decorating the shop for a long long time ;)


Anonymous said...

I'd seen these before around, they are very cool. I really enjoy these kind of traps.

Valeree Allen said...

Yora, I love your blog, but haven't commented until now. Please keep it up! You do a great job of reporting on things in this area of SL