Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Post auction wrap up

Hi all! So, a little while back I mentioned the Doll Works auction and that I was going to put myself up to be bid on. Well I did it and I must say I really enjoyed myself ;) I decided to go as a white latex doll, with breast and pussy add on in full view of everyone in the crowd, and mouth permanently open wide ;) Very embarrassing, but I loved every minute of it.


The turn out was rather light at first. Only 3 dolls showed up to be auctioned, and the crowed was rather sparse. It did get busier as it went on with more dolls being put up and more buyers showing up. Many in the crowd I recognized. A few I didn't.


I honestly don't know how many total dolls went on auction, given I was the third put up. It was really quite exciting being bid on like a real toy ;) In the end I went for a whopping $1201 Lindens, apparently the highest selling doll of the day. I was bought by one Miss Badger, apparently a fan of my blog ;)

To say she was sweet would be an understatement. Miss Badger is a candy Mistress. She likes to combine dolls, bondage, and candy all into one delicious package. She started by tasting me to find out my name. Quite a few squirm inducing licks latter she dubbed me Sugar ;)

She had bought me for two days, but this time was spread out over a few due to my RL schedule and the fact she was getting married in SL. I will say this, I had a wonderful time with Miss Badger and hope to have a few more stories in the future.

One thing to note, there will be another Doll Works auction in the future and yes I will be putting myself up again for bid. I REALLY enjoyed it and can't wait to do it again :) When I do, I'll be sure to let everyone know in advance. I want to try to beat my old sale price ;)