Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hair Here, Hair There

So, as I mentioned before, I have a thing for wild hairstyles. I guess part of it is in SL, one of the bigest things that helps you tell people apart (Besides the floating name over their head I mean) is their hair. The more diffrent or wild, the more the person sticks in my head for some reason. For me, I love looking different. And hair is a great way to stick out as you'll see. I tend to think of myself as a red head in SL. It's odd. I started red,went blond and pink, then all blond, then back to red ;)

This is my normal hair I wear most the time (Minus the skulls. Unless it's arround Halloween) It's called Pinned.

Steele. I wore this style for a good 2 strait months

This style is called Covet. I've also had it called "Star Wars hair" hehehe

Fawn II. This almost looks like a tribal head dress.
This one is Cog. I tend to wear it when getting together with clockwork fans ;)

All these I got at the shop Sinsation in the Hairspray sim, a sim devoted just to hair. Well worth checking out ;)

Monday, July 21, 2008

More Barbie fun!

Hi there all! Well, It's been waaaay to long since I blogged last. I swear I need someone to give me a swift kick if I take more then a week (any volunteers ;) ) Anyway, KK just released two new Barbie, *ahem* I mean Barbi AVs. And both are fantastic! First up is the Latex Bitch Barbi

This is a full AV like the original KK Barbi. It comes with skin, eyes (a very pretty blue), hair, outfit (with spiked rubber collar), latex cat-o-nine tails, and a doll display box. This one so looks like a domme Barbi doll, ready to make you submit.

The other new Barbi AV is the Beach Party Barbi. It's a bit more all area appropriate then the Latex Bitch Barbi, but it looks just as good.

This is definitely a fun in the sun AV. It comes with hair (Very Annette Funachello-ish style, skin, eyes, swimsuit, shoes, beach ball (that really bounces if you touch it!), a blanket to lay on, and a box to pose in.

Both look wonderful and I've already posed a few nights away in one of the display boxes ;)

On another Barbie note, Virtoys released a new doll AV. This one is definitely patterned after Miss Plastic Fantastic herself.

Like the Busty dolls, the Dolly AV is RLV enables with locking necklace, hair, and doll eyes. Downy, the owner of Virtoys even updated the RLV scripts, making it so you can't change outfits in any of them, effectively locking them on you. Neat huh?

Well, I hope to have the next post up in a day or so. Since it's been a while, I have about 4 planned. Heh, first famine, then feast ;) See you all soon!

Oh, BTW, if their is anything you'd like me to cover or anything you want more info on let me know, either here or in world! I'm always willing to give my readers what they want ;)