Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hair Here, Hair There

So, as I mentioned before, I have a thing for wild hairstyles. I guess part of it is in SL, one of the bigest things that helps you tell people apart (Besides the floating name over their head I mean) is their hair. The more diffrent or wild, the more the person sticks in my head for some reason. For me, I love looking different. And hair is a great way to stick out as you'll see. I tend to think of myself as a red head in SL. It's odd. I started red,went blond and pink, then all blond, then back to red ;)

This is my normal hair I wear most the time (Minus the skulls. Unless it's arround Halloween) It's called Pinned.

Steele. I wore this style for a good 2 strait months

This style is called Covet. I've also had it called "Star Wars hair" hehehe

Fawn II. This almost looks like a tribal head dress.
This one is Cog. I tend to wear it when getting together with clockwork fans ;)

All these I got at the shop Sinsation in the Hairspray sim, a sim devoted just to hair. Well worth checking out ;)


Anonymous said...

Do you own any green hair?

Yora Vig said...

Not really. I perfer to be a red head. But almost all the hair I have is editable meaning I can recolor it green. Some, like the Wicked style I showed a while back, even has a touch control to color it any way you want. If you want I can post a color of it green

Anonymous said...

I really like Covet. Maybe we should go on a hair shopping spree sometime, Yora.


Yora Vig said...

Sure! Sounds fun!