Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A bit plugged up

So, since it's been a long while since I posted I thought I'd start with one of the most entertaining items I've had experience in SL in a while. It's the Immerse HUD from Silenced. Made by Jenni Silverpath, the HUD lets you wear anyone (as long as their using RLV) as a piece of clothing. Or even a part of your body. When your changed your completely helpless, basically stuck going where ever your wearer goes. You also can't talk since, well, clothing doesn't talk only letting you emote that what you've been changed into try to say something but can not speak!.It also has a full block of other restrictions, such as not allowing names, location info, and can block IMs as well.

You may thing that the fun will end when your wearer gets done for the night and needs to log off. Nope, your still going to be stuck, since the HUD lets you take clothing off and put them away. And your then stuck, just as a piece of clothing waiting for your wearer to come back on and put you on again. It's a very helpless feeling getting stuck like that, and depending upon what you get changed into.... possibly humiliating as well. Which leads to my current predicament.

Currently I'm a butt plug.

plug1 photo e3fde82c-06b1-481f-b54f-6e6912edcec9.jpg

*blushes* It's very humiliating since the only time I'm not sitting on display for every one to see is when Jenni has logged in and is wearing me. In her ....rear.

Plug3 photo plug1_005.png

Like I said it's very humiliating and really makes you feel like nothing more than just a silent object. I'm stuck like this for a week, so after I'm...not worn any longer, I'll do a follow up post letting you know what the time was like.

You can find the Immerse hud at her Marketplace store found here Or at her shop in world in the Silenced Sim located at I'll be on display there for a while longer. Either look for me on display in the store....or....well.....being worn by Jenni.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Guess who's back?

Hey all! It's been way way to long since I posted last. I can't believe it's been over two years. Well, time to change that and get back on the horse. I'm going to start blogging again about my adventures in SL! I figure anyone out there still following me, as well as anyone else curious about why my blog took an unannounced hiatus deserves to know.

When I was last posting on a (semi) regular basis, I mentioned I was managing a shopping mall. It was a full time plus position, Needless to say some things kind of got less attention since I was so busy. So my time in SL got less frequent as a result, and posting here became more and more of an after thought until I just totally forgot. I still popped in world, but it was mostly to say hi to friends. Not much fun and adventure wise occurred. It's not something I wanted to do, it just seemed to happen.

Eventually given how the economy was, I found myself let go from managing the mall. It wasn't wholly unexpected when it happened, but it did mean priorities shifted to finding a new job. So again, not much SL time. Finally I got a new job. This is the one I have now and it's the best job I've ever had. It's in the gaming industry and  the pay, while not great, was off set by as much overtime as I wanted. So again, my SL time was not that big.

So this takes me to today. I've gotten a bit of a promotion at work, things have stabilized. I'm not pulling insane amounts of OT anymore. So I figured it was time to start posting again. I'll say up front I'm really not sure how often I will be posting. I have at least 3 or 4 posts in my head now (not counting this one). Beyond that I'll play it by ear and I PROMISE to keep anyone reading updated.

It feels good to be back! Talk to you again soon!