Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dancing at ClubRub with The Dolls!

Last week I attended two events, both involving dolls. The first one I attended was the reopening of ClubRub, a pretty big latex cub, as a member of The Dolls. The Dolls is a group that's all about dressing up and looking like a doll. Everytime there's a get together, everyone gets the same shape, skin, hair, outfit, everything. Then you have a whole hoard of identile dolls. It's pretty cool. Here's a picture of how I looked at the event.

The catsuit was an exclusive from KCreations for The Doll's group. Looks nice :)There were a ton of people there. I didn't take many pictures. But fortunently, Deirdre Young, the head of The Dolls, took ALOT! Chech her link at the bottom of the press release.

2008-03-16 Club Rub Event - Deirdre's Models Press Release

After three months on hiatus, Club Rub ("So hip it hurts") reopened its doors Sunday March 16th at 11AM SL time.

A fancy new elevator brought guests to a faithful replica of the old club.

Rubber Leshelle welcomed her guests in the new location to party to the electro beats of DJ Exomorph .

Among the guests, Deirdre Young and a dozen of her models, sporting a striking catsuit by Kat Fetisov, of K Creations.

Deirdre's Models were a remarkable sight - they all looked alike.

"This is just one of our original marketing strategies" said Ms Young. "Expect to see other astonishing events from us soon."

Many guests were intrigued - a wave of applications to the group followed the party.

Approximately 50 guests attended the party, which lasted over three hours.

Pictures of the event:

Club Rub is located here :

And visit K Creations for some free latex samples and great outfits at:

All in all, The Dolls is a very fun group. Well, that's all for now! Wait, what? I said I attended two doll events? :) I did. But the other will have to wait thl the next post. Chao!

A trip to the zoo.

One thing I've got alot of in animal AVs. I love changing into diffrent ones. Neko tends to be my most regular one, but I have alot of other half animal half human hybrids. I figure I'd show you some of the better looking ones.

My cow. It took me a long long long time to make. I had to get parts from all over and piece them together. I'm still not 100% happy with it. But I'm glad I got it dons. Being taken out and milked is a lot of fun ;)

Nananananana-nanananana Bat girl! Heh, this is a pretty cute bat girl, or Batu as the seller calls it, that I got. Has a good sized wingspan on it and the ears are totaly posable.

One of my more exotic animals, an Impala. it's cute, but I don't weaqr it alot for some reason.

Heh, my Orca, for when I'm in an aquatic mood. For some reason all I can think about while wearing this is "Free Willy!"

My lobster woman AV. This one is cool because it comes in a ton of colors, all in one pack. A great deal.

The dragonfly. It has a huge wingspan on it when you fly, bigger then you are tall. Plus, I think I did a good job adapting a male AV to my more curvy shape ;)

I've heared of wasp waists, but this is rediculous! My bee girl AV. I really like this one. Kinda has a creepy, yet sexy feel to it.

Well, that's it for now. Next post will be more myth inspired. Oh! Or maybe bunnys!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sinfully good AVs.

Awhile back I picked up all seven of the Seven Deadly Sins AVs at Grendel's. They all look very striking. The only downside is Greed, Rage and Gluttony are intended for male AVs. Sloth is too, but it looks OK on me. I might try to mod those three to fit me beter.

First up is Lust. I really like this one. In fact, I've even worn the Lust hair on it's own a few times with some diffrnent outfits.

Next is Jealousy. This one comes with optional freebee glowing green eyes.

Vanity. This one has a very arrogant feel to it. It even inclused a AO for the fan to give it that haughty feel.

Finally, Sloth. This one is really cool. Most the parts on it rotate slowly, and the AV bobs off the fround like it's floating.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Shiney Sparkle! Jewels and Latex

Kaylywulf Kingdom, the store I model at, just put out a line of new ensambles called Jeweldolls, and man am I loving them. Each one is a latex skin studded with 67 gemstones. Right now, there are 6 colors to choose from; Amethyst Angel, Diamond Girl, Emerald Imp, Orange Crush, Pink Panther, and Topaz Tart (Love the outfit names at KK, hehehe). There are possibly plans to do mroe colors if these do well. I hope they do. A ruby one would look killer.

And here's a good shot of the back, sans hair.

The gems are all sparkly and light up. If your in a dark area, you have a cool glow about you. The eyes also are prim jewels too. So they sparkle :)

Heh, the first think Kitti said when she saw them was that she couldn't wait to see how I look in them. I've been palying with hem a bit and am mixing and matching them. If I get any good combos, I'll post them.