Sunday, March 2, 2008

Shiney Sparkle! Jewels and Latex

Kaylywulf Kingdom, the store I model at, just put out a line of new ensambles called Jeweldolls, and man am I loving them. Each one is a latex skin studded with 67 gemstones. Right now, there are 6 colors to choose from; Amethyst Angel, Diamond Girl, Emerald Imp, Orange Crush, Pink Panther, and Topaz Tart (Love the outfit names at KK, hehehe). There are possibly plans to do mroe colors if these do well. I hope they do. A ruby one would look killer.

And here's a good shot of the back, sans hair.

The gems are all sparkly and light up. If your in a dark area, you have a cool glow about you. The eyes also are prim jewels too. So they sparkle :)

Heh, the first think Kitti said when she saw them was that she couldn't wait to see how I look in them. I've been palying with hem a bit and am mixing and matching them. If I get any good combos, I'll post them.


Anonymous said...

Very kinky. As I would know first hand.

KiTA said...

Ah, Pity you can't make them slightly transparent, like a jewel. That would be really COOL.

Yora Vig said...

*nods* Yeah, I agree. I'll mention that to Lazarus at KK and see if he likes that idea. Who knows maybe he'll redothem that way.

KiTA said...

From what I understand, transparent avatars aren't possible in SL.

If I'm wrong, please let me know, I'd love to make a glass golem or something.

Yora Vig said...

Oh! Yeah your right. The AVs themselves can't be wade transparent. I thought you meant thr gemstones on the AB. I was bummed when I found this out. I so wanted to do a icesculpture AV. The closest I can think of is getting creative with invisiprims, but they react funny with transparent prims.