Thursday, January 25, 2007

Going to school...Doll school that is!

It's kinda started off as a slow week for me on SL. My Mistress was busy in RL, so I occupied myself by shopping for furniture and toys for our apartment and practicing my building skills. My Mistress mentioned that she wanted a pair of glass display tubes for myself and Jasmine. After a very frustrating time off attempting to script the pose correctly, I gave up and bought two for $99 each. There not bad, but I still want to make better ones later.

While I was doing this, I was contacted by Kalira Seibert. She runs a place called School for Dollification. She transforms anyone who attends her school into any type of doll that they want to become! She uses RP and actually hypnosis, something I had always wanted to try. I talked with her for quite a while, and finally decided that I had to attend. The only problem was I had to convince my Mistress to let me.

Once I finally asked my Mistress, she was initially hesitant to let me attend. She was worried that I might leaving her, especially since I hadn't seen her in a few days. I reassured her that I wasn't, that I belonged to her. I only wanted to attend the school because I wanted to be a doll, even when she wasn't online. I also asked that we both be involved, if she let me attend. I told her to pick what type of doll I was to be transformed into. She seemed to like that idea, so she selected that I be changed into a dark fetish doll. Kinda like a Barbie, except in latex ;)

So with my Mistress's blessing, I finally started the transformation. Kalira suggested a few files foe me to download. Mostly stuff to help me fall into a trance. The first couple of times I tried, nothing happed. Apparently I wanted it to work so badly, that I wasn't focusing enough. Finally after about a dozen listenings of the MP3 file, I started to feel myself drift off. I wasn't fully in a trance, but I was getting closer.

Elated by this, I tried again. This time, I think I went fully under. I don't remember it happening. One moment I was listening to the file, the next, I woke up when i was told to. I told Kalira about this and she was just as exited as I was. We the tried an actual face to face session. She slowly counted me down, and I could feel myself almost floating. I didn't get fully put under, but wow, I was close. So very, very close! It was a wonderful feeling, so calm and relaxing. I'm hoping soon I can go all the way and finally get to truly feel what it's like to be a perfect dolly ;)

Friday, January 19, 2007

My life as an Object, part 2

So, yesterday I mentioned Maniquin and I helping someone find something in Kayliwulf Kingdom. Her name was Kaitlin and she was very nice. She must have just been taken on as a sub, just like me, because her Mistress gave her a list of items to get. She had stopped to Kayliwulf to pick up one of the FetishDoll shapes. After she picked up one up in the FetishDoll skin pack, we started to talk a bit. One thing she mentioned was a certain hair style that I happened to know exactly where to buy it. I offered to teleport her there and show her where it was. She said yes, so away we went to the Gnubie store. After picking up the hair, I tried to help her with the other things she needed. I didn’t recognize and of the item names, but one location rang a bell. So I gave her a landmark to where she needed to go. I would have gone with her, but Maniquin was still waiting for me at Kayliwulf. She seemed very grateful for my help and after saying thanks, she went on her way.

The next day, while building the loft for my mistress, Kaitlin IMs me. I tell her that I’m currently with my Mistress. Kaitlin then asks if she could meet my Mistress. I ask my Mistress, and she says yes. So I TPed Kaitlin. After I introduce her to my Mistress, my Mistress asks why she wanted to meet her. At this point, I realize I never asked Kaitlin why she wanted to meet my Mistress, so I had absolutely no idea what she was going to say. Kaitlin tells her how helpful I was to her the other day in helping her find the items she needed. I was a little suprised to say the least. after all, I just thought I was doing my job. While I continue working, my Mistress and Kaitlin begin to talk. My Mistress asks Kaitlin who her Mistress is, what she likes about being a sub, and all sorts of other questions. I got the impression that my Mistress liked Kaitlin, which is very good. As I said, Kaitlin seemed very nice, and I’m so glad my Mistress approved of her.

Later that evening, as my Mistress was about to get offline, her Mistress paid another visit. Before she logged off, my Mistress told me to follow Mistress’s order as if they were her own. My Mistress also told me to give her a tour of the apartment. After greeting Mistress, and showing her around, Mistress asked me a few more questions, like why I wasn’t wearing the pink catsuit she told me to wear yesterday. I explained to her that my mistress had ordered me out of it. This answer seemed to please her.

She also asked if I enjoyed greeting my Mistress all wrapped up tight in my puppygirl costume. Of course I said yes. I have to admit, wearing my puppygirl outfit and waiting patiently for my Mistress to come home, so I can greet her by licking her boots, has really been an interesting feeling. Part of me hopes she’ll keep me in the suit all night, taking me out for a walk on my leash like a good little puppy. Mistress then told me that from now on, every time I first see my Mistress that evening, I’m to greet her in my puppygirl suit. Then, unless my Mistress says otherwise, I’m to wear my pink catsuit. Mistress then said goodbye to me, and I was all alone. I continued working on the loft and catwalk, wanting it to be finished when my Mistress arrived home tomorrow. Then, I left to go shopping for a few items for my Mistress’s playroom.

Mistress had ordered me to show some initiative, and find and weird, dark, and kinky toys that I could. I was also told to contact designers as well, to give them ideas that fit my Mistress’s desires. So I picked up a few items. I bought a slave storage case, a cage, and a few other items. I've also tried contacting a few designers, with no responces so far. Then, finally, a long day over, I went back to Kayliwulf Kingdom, and collapsed on my mannequin stand. I must say, I’ve enjoyed every moment of being a sub so far.

In other news, there’s a party at Kayliwulf Kingdom tomorrow! My Mistress was kind enough to give me permission to attend. If you see me there say hi, OK? I’ll probably be dancing the night away. ;)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

My life as an object

So my first three days as Mistress Mya’s sub have been very interesting, to say the least. The first day consisted of us mostly looking at apartments, trying to find a place to rent so we’d have a private place to play. One thing that did surprise me a bit when I saw my Mistress was the fact that she was wearing the pink catsuit I had made her purchase for out role playing. This role play had me being a dolly, who had decided to make the tough Goth Mya her plaything, basically turning her into the toy of a toy. Being a Goth, I knew she didn’t really like it, which was part of the reason I had her buy it. To really humiliate her a bit, since the dolly liked to play nasty with her toy. But, I wasn’t going to ask any questions, especially on my first day of being a sub.

We finally found a very nice place, and began to move in. It turns out I had a lot more furniture in my inventory that I expected, though most of it is too bright and sunny for my Mistress’s tastes. Finally, after getting some basic furniture out, my Mistress decided to play with me a bit before getting offline for the evening. My mistress decided that I should lick her boots clean, to show what a good sub I am. So of course, not wanting to disappoint my Mistress, I began to do just that. While this is happening, my Mistress IMs me, and asks if I knew her Mistress. I was surprised. I didn’t realize that my Mistress had a Mistress. I said no. Mistress Mya then told me that that was the reason she was in the catsuit. Her Mistress was making her wear it for four days. She also said that her Mistress apparently knew who I was, and had asked about me. I replied that I had never met her Mistress before. My Mistress then got offline.

Suddenly, a voice said hello to me! Apparently, my Mistress’s Mistress Gwen Kasei had been watching us! I looked around but I couldn’t see her anywhere. So being a good, sub I replied to her IM, since I wasn’t sure if she could till hear me. Mistress asked if I know who she was. I said yes, telling her what my Mistress had told me. She then told me that since she was my Mistress’s Mistress, that met she was above me as well, and I should treat her just as I would treat my Mistress. Mistress asked if I enjoyed being a sub to my Mistress. I replied that I loved serving my Mistress, and was so glad she had decided to take me on. Then Mistress then asked if I liked being told to lick my Mistress’s boots clean. I responded that it didn’t matter what I liked, that all that was important was what my Mistress wanted. Mistress seemed glad to hear me say that. Then, Mistress told me to put on my puppygirl suit, and to not take it off until after I saw my Mistress tomorrow, and after I greeted her by licking her boots clean again. So I immediately changed into my puppygirl suit.

Mistress then asked if I had a pair of high heal shoes yet. I told her I didn’t, that I hadn’t gotten a pair yet. So Mistress told me to go to a certain shop right now and get a pair. So, in my full puppygirl suit, I went out and got the heels. Once I had them, Mistress told me to put them on, and to never take them off unless another costume requires it. Mistress then dismissed me, leaving me to wait for my Mistress to get back online.

The next day, I waited patiently for my Mistress. I waited for hours for her to get online. Finally she arrived and I greeted her immediately, licking her boots clean. This seemed to amuse my Mistress. She even mentioned that I might become her permanent boot washer. Then my Mistress decided that she wanted to continue our role play we had been doing before she took me on. This surprised me just a bit. Already the second day of me serving as a sub, and I was again back in the domme roll? But I quickly found out that even though I had the power in the role play itself, I was still my Mistress’s sub. While we were playing, she constantly told be what she wanted, and how to please her best. Honestly, I think it was one of the best role plays we had done yet. I really got into it and made it nice and twisted to please my Mistress.

After we finished, my Mistress gave me permission to go back to Kalywulf Kingdom so I could pose as a mannequin once again. After I arrived there, a customer approached my friend Maniquin and I asking for help. While we were showing her what she was looking for, my Mistress’s Mistress appeared! She asked how my Mistress liked the greeting I gave her. I told Mistress that she enjoyed it. Mistress then old me to greet my Mistress the same way tomorrow. She also told me to change into the pink catsuit I was wearing for work, so my Mistress wouldn’t suffer alone. She then left, leaving me to go pose on my stand for another night.

Finally tonight rolls around, and I get online to once again greet my Mistress. I do the exact same as yesterday, licking and cleaning her boots. I’m a little surprised to see my Mistress isn’t wearing her pink catsuit. As I change into my pink catsuit, my Mistress tells me to change into something else, that she’s being naughty and doesn’t want to see any pink at all tonight. So, being a good little sub, I change.

My Mistress then begins to instruct me on decorating the apartment. She had me build an entire loft for out playroom area, complete with catwalk and ramp. I had never made anything on this level before, but it looks like it came out pretty nice. Photos of the work I did will be up later. Right now, I need to get back to SL. Mistress is waiting for me.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Gynoids and I take a big step.

So, something big happened to me last night. Something really, really big. But, it’s going to take a little bit to explain.

One thing I do while I pose at Kayliwulf Kingdom if look at other peoples profiles. I’m always looking to make new friends, and a good way seems to be looking at what groups someone else is in. I also like IMing the other models. One person I IMed was Ingrid. I saw in her profile that she was in a gynoid, or sexy robot group. Up to now, I hadn’t seen any places that sold any gynoid avatars, so I asked Ingrid if she wouldn’t mind telling me if she knew about any good places.

Ingrid then offered to take me around and show me where I could by “parts” to build a gynoid avatar. So Ingrid, her friend Tina, and I all went out shopping. She took me to a shop called *H* Creations that had some really cool parts. You can mix and match them, using different skins and accessories to build a pretty unique look.

Ingrid and Tina both had to leave early, but I kept shopping, looking for a place that Tina had mentioned called Eddie Eshers Gadgets and Skins. I finally tracked the place down after a bit of searching. They had some killer android skins, which really helped with the look I was going for.

I then shot off an IM to Ingrid, thanking her, and wanting to show her what I looked like. We talked for a bit longer, and much to my surprise and delight, she asked if I’d like to become a member of another group she’s in!

I’m not going to say what the group is yet because I’m not a member yet. I will say this; it is very transformation heavy and very kinky. I did need to get a few things before I could join though, so off shopping I went. While I was out getting the stuff I needed, I bumped into Jasmine. We were both surprised to find out that she was going to join the same group I was and we were both shopping for the same things! So we started talking and found out we had a lot in common. We both liked inanimate transformations, mind control, and all sorts of similar stuff. She’s very nice. She showed me the collar she was wearing, the same type I got yesterday, and demonstrated all the stuff it could do.

While we were talking Mya IMed me. After I teleported her, all three of us started talking some more. We eventually got on the topic of role playing. I mentioned that Mya and I were playing, and that we were both having a blast. Eventually, Mya mentioned she was a switch, and likes to play either the domme or sub role. Jasmine asked her if she’d be interested in taking on a couple of dolls, and much to amazement, Mya said yes!

So Jasmine and I both gave Mya ownership of our collars. We also decided to give secondary ownership of my collar to Jasmine and Jasmine’s collar to me, just for any sort of fun scenario that Mya might dream up. We talked a bit to come up with a scenario to play, and we finally settled on Mya being a dark goth girl, that uses her magic to control Jasmine and me, two stuck up party girls. She can do anything she wants to us, warping our body and minds, and there’s not a thing we can do to resist. We played a little bit that night, to help set the theme and to let us get into character. Unfortunately, by the time we started, It was already pretty late, so we had to wrap up quickly.

So now, I’m officially collared and someone owns me. And honestly, I’m glad it’s Mya. I really like her and trust her. Honestly, it’s like a dream come true. I’ve always wanted to do this, to be owned, possessed, used any way someone else wants. I’m so nervous and excited right now. I just know Mya is going to make me pay for forcing her to wear a pink catsuit in our role play, and I can hardly waitto see what she does to me ;)

Monday, January 15, 2007

Puppygirl Yora

Finally, I found a puppygirl suit! I spotted it right as we were wrapping up shopping for the night, and pointed it out to Mya. She wasn’t to into it, but I knew I had to get one. So I went out early the next day before Mya and Leticia got online, and picked one up. The suit comes with a tail that actually wags. The best part though is the arm bindings. There are four sleeves that you wear. One of them contains an animation override that forces you down on your hands and knees. Your arms and legs are forced back, so your hands are on your shoulders, and your feet are on your butt. When you walk you, you’re on you knees and elbows.

After a few days, I decided to get a few pics of me in the suit for my blog. I realized that the outfit just didn't look right without a leash and collar, though ;) So, while searching for anything puppygirl related, I stumbled across a place called the Puppygirl Adoption Center. I couldn't believe it! So I teleported there right away.

After looking around a bit, I did something I still can't believe I did; I put myself up for adoption! I'm so nervous, but so excited. I really hope I get adopted. The thought of becoming someones pet just seems so right, like it's the next step I need to take. After I finished filling out the form, I went shopping, picking up the collar that was recommended. I IMed Leticia and asked if she would help me with a few pictures, specifically if she's hold my leash ;) She was a great sport, and I think the photos came out great.

She was a great sport about it. She even made a Frisbee so I could play fetch ;)

The thing I really like about the collar I got is the fact that when you first wear it, your name is engraved on it! I know you can change what it says, which is good, in case my potential new owner wants to rename me.

Well, everyone keep your fingers crossed for me. I can't wait to find out if I get adopted!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Posing away like a good little mannequin.

Ever since Daphne Goodnight hired me, I’ve been posing with Maniquin at Kayliwulf Kingdom almost constantly. It’s such a wonderful place. All the other models there are very friendly, and I’ve already made lots of new friends. I love he fact that the stands are right up front, so one of the first things people see when they arrive is me and the other girls posing so wonderfully still and beautiful.

Daphne is a very funny person. She’s constantly making jokes and laughing, always having fun. I also found out she has a bit of an itchy trigger finger. One day while posing, she said she needed to work out some frustrations by shooting someone. Of course none of the other models volunteered, so being the new girl I stepped up and turned from a mannequin to a target practice dummy ;).

She used a gravity gun to throw me around like a ragdoll (Mmmmm…ragdoll. Another avatar I need to find). Daphne then switched over to another really BIG gun. I was hit by bubbles, balls, CDs, explosions, and even a cage! She even used one that threw me so high up in the air that she had offer to teleport me back. I was laughing so hard while this was going on. Finally, when we were done, she gave Maniquin and I a gravity gun, so next time, I could shoot back. I had such a good time that night!

More recently, while posing on my stand, I began to want to feel even more like a mannequin. I wanted to not just work at the store, but to be owned by the store. I talked a bit to Maniquin, and we came up with an idea. When we got hired, we were told that for every 20 hours we pose at the store, Daphne is going to let us pick out an outfit as payment. We both came to the decision that since we were hired on as mannequins, we should let Daphne dress us like mannequins. So, we told her that instead of picking out outfits, we wanted her to do it. No mater what she chose, we’d wear them for everyone to see just like good little mannequins should. After all, she’s the dressmaker, were just the dummies. Much to our delight, she said yes!

One thing I have found about posing, is that lot of people assume I’m just camping when I’m on my stand. Some come up and stare at me, sometimes for quite a while. Others just walk by, ignoring me. I try to IM everyone, seeing if I can help them. I think this surprises a lot of them, since they usually assume I’m just camping and not at my computer. Usually after I finish helping them, I get a lot of questions about if I like being a mannequin, why do I like it so much, stuff like that. I love to talk about it, explaining how wonderful it makes me feel, and how it’s a dream come true for me. I’ve even had a few people express interest in trying out the mannequin lifestyle. I’m always so happy when I find another fellow mannequin!

I also just made one of my first items! I was talking with Maniquin about how we needed to get separation points put on us, to make us look more mannequin-like. The only problem is, both of us are wearing custom skins, so we couldn’t just do them as tattoos. Also, we have on transparent catsuits, to give us a shiny look. Since they are on over any tattoos for the skin, it might cause the reflections to shine over the separation points.

So it hit me; why not do them as items, and attach them to the appropriate spot? After hunting down a FAQ on building stuff, I started to work on them. Basic building is a lot easier then I expected (I was kind of expecting something on the level of 3D Studio Max). Since I didn’t want to get to complex yet, I used one item per separation point. I fiddled with linking multiple objects together, in an attempt to get the seam to follow the body closer, but I just couldn’t get it to work right.

I think the end result looks good for a first try. In some parts, the seam looks perfect. Other spots, it sticks out and ruins the effect. I need more practice, especially in linking. Maniquin absolutely loved them, though. I gave her a full set and we both posed there, striped bare with our new joints available for everyone to see. I didn’t realize just how much the Barbie skin made me look just like a mannequin, until right then. So shiny looking, with no nipples on my breasts and nothing but a smooth plastic between my legs. Ohhhhhhh, I could hardly believe how wonderful we both looked, like two plastic twin sisters, standing side-by side.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Let me introduce you to two of my best friends!

A few days back I mentioned two of my best friends i have in SL, LeticiaLatex and Mya. It always amazes me that I just seem to bump into really cool peoople like these two while I'm just hanging out at Kayliwulf Kingdom. Unfortunently, I really don't have many good pics of either one of them. When we hang out, I tend to forget to snap many photos :(

I met Letica while I was at a party there. i was dancing by myself, since I hadn't met anyone yet. Then I saw her walk in the front door wearing a blow-up doll skin! So of course I had to go down and meet her.

It turns out Letica was into blow-up doll transformations as much as I was. So we talked for quite a bit, and really hit it off. After she gave a brief fashion show, showing off all the wonderfly kinky outfits she had put together (including an army brat and schoolgirl outfit), she offered to take me around and show me where she bought them from. We teleported all around for hours, shopping for all sorts of things (Well, she shopped, I got a lot of landmarks to come back to later). I had a wonderful time, and we decided to meet up again later.

So, when we did meet up again, we got to talking. Like I said, Letica is into becoming a blow up doll as much as I am. The main difference is, she likes the idea of being able to move and act as a doll. I like that to, but I more prefer the thought of being used as an object, unable to resist. Shes also a very skilled writer. I was lucky enough to get to read one of her stories, and I do have to say it was one of the best blow-up doll stories i had ever read.

Letica also has a thing for breast inflation. She showed of a pair of breasts she had made. They were huge! I mean, beach ball huge! So of course after seeing her like that, I realized I had another fantasy to put on my ever-growing list (I swear, I have more fantasies and fetishes that it would take hours to list them all!). I did convince her once to get on a posing stand wth me and Maniquin, but I don't think she liked it much. Ah well, we can't have everything in common.

One night after we met up at Kaliwulf Kingdom, all decked out in our blow-up doll skins, we bumped into Mya. We were planning on going out shopping again, so we asked if she wanted to tag along. She said yes, so away we went! We made quite a few stops, allowing me to get a few outfits I had my eye on (More on what I bought next update!). We even helped Mya find a latex nun outfit, something she had really wanted to find.

While we were shopping, Mya approached me about the possibility of role-playing one of her fantasies. I’m not going to reveal exactly what it is, mostly because it’s her fantasy and I’m not sure how private she wants to keep it. I will say that it falls well in line with my own fantasies. The only thing that kinda made nervous is the fact that it puts me in the dominant roll, a very different position then what I’m used to. Additionally, I’m really still new to role playing. I was afraid I was going to screw it up and ruin the experience for both of us.

So it took quite a bit of coaxing on her part to get me to agree. Once we started however, it was wonderful! I really got into it and loved every minute. Mya gave me gentle nudges when I got stuck a few times. She also gave me quite a few pointers on how to improve my skills a bit. When we were done, Mya said she had an incredible time. She even gave me my first reputation point, something that absolutely floored me. We’ve only role played one other time. I’m still having a bit of trouble, getting stuck every so often. But, it is becoming a bit easier. Getting into the more dominant role is still difficult for me, however. Maybe with more practice….

So, from here on out, updates are going to be a bit more sporadic. I just started school again, so RL is demanding a lot of my attention. I’m going to try to update every week or two. I still have a lot of stuff to share, and quite a few photos to put up. BTW, if anyone wants to meet me, I’ve been posing quite a bit at Kaliwulf Kingdom, like a good little mannequin. If my status isn’t set to busy, I’m online and more that willing to talk. Hope to hear from you soon!

I forgot a promise! :(

It just hit me that I totally forgot a promise I made. During the first week I was playing, I met a gentleman by the name of Marlon Barker. He was working on nude art gallery. He wanted around 1000 pictures for his gallery, but he was only at around 50 or so. So he asked if I'd pose for him, saying he'd make it worth my while.

So of course I said yes. After a few quick snapshots. He asked if I'd promise to send any friends that were willing to pose nude his way. In return, he gave me a massive box of clothes, items, poses, and jewelery. I was very thankful, because at this point, what he gave me more than doubled my inventory. So I promised I would help him and we went our separate ways.

Two weeks later it finally dawned on me that my that i had totally forgot about Marlon, and I feel bad about it. So, if anyone out there is interested in helping me keep my promise, drop Marlon an IM. He's a great guy, and I really want see him get his 1000 photos.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

My mannequin transformation

One place that I found while searching for doll related stuff in SL is Kayliwulf Kingdom. This place is a latex fan's dream come true. They sell everything from latex skins, catsuits, vacbeds, and all sorts of wonderful things. They even have a Barbie doll avatar, complete with a box to pose in!

One day while i was at KK, I bumped into a person there by the name of Maniquin Stepford. She was posed on a mannequin stand, and had mannequin listed as her group status. Her name alone made me have to talk with her. After a brief chat, she gave me a mannequin stand of my own to pose on. She then offered to transform me into a mannequin just like her!

How could I say no? It was like a dream come true! So of course I said yes. So here's a few photos of my transformation into a perfect, plastic mannequin. You can enlarge any of the pictures bellow by clicking on them.

So here's my before picture. As you can see, I'm wearing my blow-up doll shirt that I love so much. Maniquin quickly suggested a few changes I needed to make to make me more of a perfect plastic mannequin. She also gave me a few outfits, since I really didn't have any pretty outfits to wear yet. Finally, she gave me membership into the group she's a part of, the Mannequin Sisterhood.
Here I am after I molded my appearance. My neck was made longer and more graceful, We also remolded my face and head, as well as tweaking my breasts. I also decided to wear a lovely silver dress. After all this, Maniquin suggested that new shoes and hair would help with the transformation. So off shopping we went!
Finally, I was looking like a mannequin! That's me on the right, Maniquin on the left. we decided to pose right in the middle of the store for everyone to see. It was wonderful! We even had a few other random people join us in posing. The whole time that we were posing, Maniquin was IMing me, role playing our transformation into pretty plastic mannequins. It was one of the wildest, most amazing things that I had ever experienced.

Unfortunately, like all good things, this had to end. After we logged of, I was positively craving to continue my transformation. So the next night I want back to Kayliwulf Kingdom and purchased a transparent, clear catsuit. Once I put it on, it made my skin all reflective and shiny, just like I was made out of plastic.

Finally, a few days later, Maniquin asked if I'd stay online all night posed on my stand to continue my transformation. Of course I accepted, and thanks to a gadget she gave me called Stay Awake, I stayed perfectly posed all night long. It was pure bliss.
The next morning, I awoke and found I was surrounded by lots of other people, all posing on stands just like me. I quickly found Maniquin, and she told me that she got hired on at Kayliwulf as a model! So, I bit the bullet and asked for a job myself. To my amazement, I got hired as well! So now, like any good mannequin I have store to be displayed in. Below is a picture of me and the other girls on display. I haven't met them all yet, but i already feel at home!
So this was just my first major taste at transformations and role playing in SL. Tomorrow, I'll tell you all about Leticia and Mya, two of my best friends in SL.

Friday, January 5, 2007

My first few days in Second Life

First thing, let me apologize for the lack of photos so far. I hadn't really thought about making a blog until a few days ago, so until then, I wasn't taking a lot of snapshots. Anyway, lets begin at the beginning. As I said, I was inspired to try SL after seeing the fun that Conscious Object and Asudem Latex were having. One thing that immediately jumped out at me as something I had to get for myself was the blow-up doll avatar that Conscious Object showed of. Finding it was easier said then done, however.

Eventually I figured out that Dark Delights was the place that sold it. Once I bought it, I realized just how wonderful it looked. The package comes with three different skins; male, female, and hermaphrodite, two different air valves, one for the neck and one for the back, a pair of stretchy real nipples, and pair of gloves to give your hands the fused finger look. The best part of the outfit, however is the HUD. It actually includes two HUDs, One that just keeps your mouth open in the perfect blow-up doll 'O' shape. The other also lets you select a pose where you stand arms and legs spread wide, laying on the ground, or even deflated. Needles to say, I went wild playing around with all these options. Being turned into a blow-up doll has always been one of my strongest fantasies, and now I was living it!

After picking up the doll skin, I took a look around Dark Delights Castle. They have some wild and very imaginative toys there, as well as some wonderful skins and avatars. I particularly enjoyed the Real Slut machine. When you select the "Sell me" option, the machine takes over. Your legs are spread open and your arms are put strait out. Ropes tie around your wrists, neck, waist, and ankles. Then your shrink wraped, leaving only your mouth, breasts, and genitals uncovered. Your then given two items; a ballgag and a Real Slut control chip. I'll explain the chip in a moment. As long as you in the machine, any passerby can play with you, and there's nothing you can do to stop them (OK, you could choose to stand up and break out of the shrink wrap. But where's the fun in that?).

The ting that really made me go nuts over the Real Slut machine is that as long as someone is in it, you can purchase the slut. Remember the chip? Well, the buyer is given a remote control they can use to control the slut as long as they're wearing the chip. The machines at Dark Delights are just demos, so you don't actually get the remote there. Also there is a time limit to how long the remote works, usually 20 to 30 minutes. I've never actually been purchased yet. Generally most people look at the price, which is usually between $400 to $1000, and decide just to keep playing with you in the machine. However I am hopeful that one day, I'll graduate up to full Real Slut status ;).

Anyway, that's it for now. Next update will hopefully be tomorrow and will include pictures! See you later!

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Hello one and all!

Hey there everyone. As you may be able to guess by the title of this blog, I recently discovered the wonderful world of Second Life. This is mostly due to the fabulous blogs by Asudem Latex ( and Conscious Object ( If you haven't seen them yet do check them out. Very fun stuff.

First of all let me tell you a little about myself. I'm 29 and single. I'm currently in school learning how to program videogames. I've always been a bit shy. I tend not to IM or use chat rooms, since I usually feel like I'm interrupting. Stupid, I know. I usually lurk on websites, making the occasional post to a message board. Which is to bad, because I've always had lots of very kinky fantasies that I have never been able to share with anyone.

I love the idea of being turned into an object and being used by someone. Dolly transformations, especially turning into a blow-up doll, particularly appeal to me. Being turned into a mannequin is another strong fantasy of mine. The idea of being posed by someone else, dressed up any way they want, and put up for display for the world to see just seems wonderful.

Others on my long list of fantasies and fetishes include robot transformations, mind control and hypnosis, food transformations, body manipulation (Being warped, twisted, folded or reshaped), forniphilia (Being turned into a piece of furniture. You can thank House of Gord for that one), puppygirls, sticky/glue encasement, being encase/entombed, and mummification. I've never been to much into BDSM, as strange as it sounds. Pain doesn't appeal to much to me. I will admit I am curious about the aspect of being owned by someone else as a slave. I've aways been a bit on the submissive side, as you can probably tell.

As I said above, I first hear about Second Life via Asudem Latex and Conscious Object's blogs. I also heard about it at school. Some of the professors suggested that using SL to practice creating objects and animations for games would be good practice. So I decided to what it was like. Unfortunately, much to my dismay, my computer couldn't handle SL. Four months later, I finally broke down and purchased a laptop. For the past two weeks I've been addicted to SL. On an average night, I've been on til 3 or 4 in the morning. Thank god I'm on Christmas break right now. In this short period of time, I've already gotten to try out multiple fantasies. It has been wonderful, especially meeting others with similar interests

I'll update a little at a time, hopefully no less then once a week. I plan on getting a lot posted shortly, especially since I have two weeks of fun to tell all about. And if anyone is interested in IMing be in SL, I go by the name Yora Vig. I'd love to hear from you.