Friday, January 19, 2007

My life as an Object, part 2

So, yesterday I mentioned Maniquin and I helping someone find something in Kayliwulf Kingdom. Her name was Kaitlin and she was very nice. She must have just been taken on as a sub, just like me, because her Mistress gave her a list of items to get. She had stopped to Kayliwulf to pick up one of the FetishDoll shapes. After she picked up one up in the FetishDoll skin pack, we started to talk a bit. One thing she mentioned was a certain hair style that I happened to know exactly where to buy it. I offered to teleport her there and show her where it was. She said yes, so away we went to the Gnubie store. After picking up the hair, I tried to help her with the other things she needed. I didn’t recognize and of the item names, but one location rang a bell. So I gave her a landmark to where she needed to go. I would have gone with her, but Maniquin was still waiting for me at Kayliwulf. She seemed very grateful for my help and after saying thanks, she went on her way.

The next day, while building the loft for my mistress, Kaitlin IMs me. I tell her that I’m currently with my Mistress. Kaitlin then asks if she could meet my Mistress. I ask my Mistress, and she says yes. So I TPed Kaitlin. After I introduce her to my Mistress, my Mistress asks why she wanted to meet her. At this point, I realize I never asked Kaitlin why she wanted to meet my Mistress, so I had absolutely no idea what she was going to say. Kaitlin tells her how helpful I was to her the other day in helping her find the items she needed. I was a little suprised to say the least. after all, I just thought I was doing my job. While I continue working, my Mistress and Kaitlin begin to talk. My Mistress asks Kaitlin who her Mistress is, what she likes about being a sub, and all sorts of other questions. I got the impression that my Mistress liked Kaitlin, which is very good. As I said, Kaitlin seemed very nice, and I’m so glad my Mistress approved of her.

Later that evening, as my Mistress was about to get offline, her Mistress paid another visit. Before she logged off, my Mistress told me to follow Mistress’s order as if they were her own. My Mistress also told me to give her a tour of the apartment. After greeting Mistress, and showing her around, Mistress asked me a few more questions, like why I wasn’t wearing the pink catsuit she told me to wear yesterday. I explained to her that my mistress had ordered me out of it. This answer seemed to please her.

She also asked if I enjoyed greeting my Mistress all wrapped up tight in my puppygirl costume. Of course I said yes. I have to admit, wearing my puppygirl outfit and waiting patiently for my Mistress to come home, so I can greet her by licking her boots, has really been an interesting feeling. Part of me hopes she’ll keep me in the suit all night, taking me out for a walk on my leash like a good little puppy. Mistress then told me that from now on, every time I first see my Mistress that evening, I’m to greet her in my puppygirl suit. Then, unless my Mistress says otherwise, I’m to wear my pink catsuit. Mistress then said goodbye to me, and I was all alone. I continued working on the loft and catwalk, wanting it to be finished when my Mistress arrived home tomorrow. Then, I left to go shopping for a few items for my Mistress’s playroom.

Mistress had ordered me to show some initiative, and find and weird, dark, and kinky toys that I could. I was also told to contact designers as well, to give them ideas that fit my Mistress’s desires. So I picked up a few items. I bought a slave storage case, a cage, and a few other items. I've also tried contacting a few designers, with no responces so far. Then, finally, a long day over, I went back to Kayliwulf Kingdom, and collapsed on my mannequin stand. I must say, I’ve enjoyed every moment of being a sub so far.

In other news, there’s a party at Kayliwulf Kingdom tomorrow! My Mistress was kind enough to give me permission to attend. If you see me there say hi, OK? I’ll probably be dancing the night away. ;)

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