Monday, January 15, 2007

Puppygirl Yora

Finally, I found a puppygirl suit! I spotted it right as we were wrapping up shopping for the night, and pointed it out to Mya. She wasn’t to into it, but I knew I had to get one. So I went out early the next day before Mya and Leticia got online, and picked one up. The suit comes with a tail that actually wags. The best part though is the arm bindings. There are four sleeves that you wear. One of them contains an animation override that forces you down on your hands and knees. Your arms and legs are forced back, so your hands are on your shoulders, and your feet are on your butt. When you walk you, you’re on you knees and elbows.

After a few days, I decided to get a few pics of me in the suit for my blog. I realized that the outfit just didn't look right without a leash and collar, though ;) So, while searching for anything puppygirl related, I stumbled across a place called the Puppygirl Adoption Center. I couldn't believe it! So I teleported there right away.

After looking around a bit, I did something I still can't believe I did; I put myself up for adoption! I'm so nervous, but so excited. I really hope I get adopted. The thought of becoming someones pet just seems so right, like it's the next step I need to take. After I finished filling out the form, I went shopping, picking up the collar that was recommended. I IMed Leticia and asked if she would help me with a few pictures, specifically if she's hold my leash ;) She was a great sport, and I think the photos came out great.

She was a great sport about it. She even made a Frisbee so I could play fetch ;)

The thing I really like about the collar I got is the fact that when you first wear it, your name is engraved on it! I know you can change what it says, which is good, in case my potential new owner wants to rename me.

Well, everyone keep your fingers crossed for me. I can't wait to find out if I get adopted!


Anonymous said...

*Barks and bounds over, sniffing and panting to the new puppygirl*
(IM me Bec Sands (in SL) - I think we have some common interests ;) )

Unknown said...

Where do you get the puppy girl stuff at message me on Tyrex Ergaron

alexia sitoko said...

yes please post where you picked this up! its so cute