Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Gynoids and I take a big step.

So, something big happened to me last night. Something really, really big. But, it’s going to take a little bit to explain.

One thing I do while I pose at Kayliwulf Kingdom if look at other peoples profiles. I’m always looking to make new friends, and a good way seems to be looking at what groups someone else is in. I also like IMing the other models. One person I IMed was Ingrid. I saw in her profile that she was in a gynoid, or sexy robot group. Up to now, I hadn’t seen any places that sold any gynoid avatars, so I asked Ingrid if she wouldn’t mind telling me if she knew about any good places.

Ingrid then offered to take me around and show me where I could by “parts” to build a gynoid avatar. So Ingrid, her friend Tina, and I all went out shopping. She took me to a shop called *H* Creations that had some really cool parts. You can mix and match them, using different skins and accessories to build a pretty unique look.

Ingrid and Tina both had to leave early, but I kept shopping, looking for a place that Tina had mentioned called Eddie Eshers Gadgets and Skins. I finally tracked the place down after a bit of searching. They had some killer android skins, which really helped with the look I was going for.

I then shot off an IM to Ingrid, thanking her, and wanting to show her what I looked like. We talked for a bit longer, and much to my surprise and delight, she asked if I’d like to become a member of another group she’s in!

I’m not going to say what the group is yet because I’m not a member yet. I will say this; it is very transformation heavy and very kinky. I did need to get a few things before I could join though, so off shopping I went. While I was out getting the stuff I needed, I bumped into Jasmine. We were both surprised to find out that she was going to join the same group I was and we were both shopping for the same things! So we started talking and found out we had a lot in common. We both liked inanimate transformations, mind control, and all sorts of similar stuff. She’s very nice. She showed me the collar she was wearing, the same type I got yesterday, and demonstrated all the stuff it could do.

While we were talking Mya IMed me. After I teleported her, all three of us started talking some more. We eventually got on the topic of role playing. I mentioned that Mya and I were playing, and that we were both having a blast. Eventually, Mya mentioned she was a switch, and likes to play either the domme or sub role. Jasmine asked her if she’d be interested in taking on a couple of dolls, and much to amazement, Mya said yes!

So Jasmine and I both gave Mya ownership of our collars. We also decided to give secondary ownership of my collar to Jasmine and Jasmine’s collar to me, just for any sort of fun scenario that Mya might dream up. We talked a bit to come up with a scenario to play, and we finally settled on Mya being a dark goth girl, that uses her magic to control Jasmine and me, two stuck up party girls. She can do anything she wants to us, warping our body and minds, and there’s not a thing we can do to resist. We played a little bit that night, to help set the theme and to let us get into character. Unfortunately, by the time we started, It was already pretty late, so we had to wrap up quickly.

So now, I’m officially collared and someone owns me. And honestly, I’m glad it’s Mya. I really like her and trust her. Honestly, it’s like a dream come true. I’ve always wanted to do this, to be owned, possessed, used any way someone else wants. I’m so nervous and excited right now. I just know Mya is going to make me pay for forcing her to wear a pink catsuit in our role play, and I can hardly waitto see what she does to me ;)

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Made in DNA said...

Love the gynoid skins! Keep up the great work.

JunkDNA Watanabe (SL)