Friday, January 5, 2007

My first few days in Second Life

First thing, let me apologize for the lack of photos so far. I hadn't really thought about making a blog until a few days ago, so until then, I wasn't taking a lot of snapshots. Anyway, lets begin at the beginning. As I said, I was inspired to try SL after seeing the fun that Conscious Object and Asudem Latex were having. One thing that immediately jumped out at me as something I had to get for myself was the blow-up doll avatar that Conscious Object showed of. Finding it was easier said then done, however.

Eventually I figured out that Dark Delights was the place that sold it. Once I bought it, I realized just how wonderful it looked. The package comes with three different skins; male, female, and hermaphrodite, two different air valves, one for the neck and one for the back, a pair of stretchy real nipples, and pair of gloves to give your hands the fused finger look. The best part of the outfit, however is the HUD. It actually includes two HUDs, One that just keeps your mouth open in the perfect blow-up doll 'O' shape. The other also lets you select a pose where you stand arms and legs spread wide, laying on the ground, or even deflated. Needles to say, I went wild playing around with all these options. Being turned into a blow-up doll has always been one of my strongest fantasies, and now I was living it!

After picking up the doll skin, I took a look around Dark Delights Castle. They have some wild and very imaginative toys there, as well as some wonderful skins and avatars. I particularly enjoyed the Real Slut machine. When you select the "Sell me" option, the machine takes over. Your legs are spread open and your arms are put strait out. Ropes tie around your wrists, neck, waist, and ankles. Then your shrink wraped, leaving only your mouth, breasts, and genitals uncovered. Your then given two items; a ballgag and a Real Slut control chip. I'll explain the chip in a moment. As long as you in the machine, any passerby can play with you, and there's nothing you can do to stop them (OK, you could choose to stand up and break out of the shrink wrap. But where's the fun in that?).

The ting that really made me go nuts over the Real Slut machine is that as long as someone is in it, you can purchase the slut. Remember the chip? Well, the buyer is given a remote control they can use to control the slut as long as they're wearing the chip. The machines at Dark Delights are just demos, so you don't actually get the remote there. Also there is a time limit to how long the remote works, usually 20 to 30 minutes. I've never actually been purchased yet. Generally most people look at the price, which is usually between $400 to $1000, and decide just to keep playing with you in the machine. However I am hopeful that one day, I'll graduate up to full Real Slut status ;).

Anyway, that's it for now. Next update will hopefully be tomorrow and will include pictures! See you later!


Anonymous said...

I didn't realize the "purchase" function could actually be set with different prices do you get the money when they purchase you, then, and they get to control you for 20-30 minutes?

Yora Vig said...

It depends. I don't own one of the machines yet, but yes, if it was your's you'd get the money. Otherwise, the owner of the machine gets it. There was also at least one machine I say that charged $400. $200 went to the owner of the machine, and $200 went to the toy.

Anonymous said...

i wonder if You,or any others maybe able to help me out. i was encased in the Real Slut machine,and ended up buying it.The trouble is the remote isn't working and have not been able to get it working..Would Anyone have any idea how to get it too work? i've paid for it and isn't working. i believe the inbeded chip works,its just the remote not working.