Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dolls of all kinds

Hey all! So one side effect from my erratic blogging schedule due to work is I've missed posting about a lot of new items from shops I've talked about before. Some shops have even totally revamped there entire store since I last posted on them. One shop that's put out alot of new stuff and changed it's look a lot was Mechatoys.

Mecha has been working like crazy, putting out all sorts of new things for her shop. And man, has her stuff just gotten better and better! One thing I really like about Mecha, besides how sweet she is (Seriously, she's like one of the most adorably nice people I know in SL) is how she'd constantly doing her own thing and putting out doll stuff that no one has thought of doing.


Case in point is her My Little Pony doll. This one just looks so cute! Half doll, half pony and all adorible! Plus, the bridal even acts as a collar, so you can leash them up that way. It comes in two colors blue or green.


Mecha's Cheerdoll is also done fantastically. The outfit is a metalic looking one and really stand out. The skin is also fabulous! The AV also comes wit ha fully posable hud as well and a wind up key.


Like I said above Mecha likes to do things unlike any other doll makers in SL do. Her Bratz AV is a perfect example. Patterned after the doll line of the same name, Mecha really hit it out of the park on this one. The best touch is the head, It's a sculpted, fully animated one, capable of showing different emotions. I really love how this one looks. It's so unique, and really looks different then anything else in SL.


Mecha's Powerpuff AV looks so tough but cute! I love how this one looks, and honestly I could see myself wearing it day to day. The hair especially fits my style pretty well, given my wild hair love hehehe.


Finally is the SailorToy. This one just looks fantastic. It's inspired by, obviously enough, Sailor Moon and wow does it look nice. Like the Bratz doll the face is a animated sculpted one, and it really works well. This hands down is my favorite one at Mechas right now.


Mecha's shop is located at She just redesigned it to look almost like a 50's style diner. It came out wonderful. Pop by have a look and see what she has! She also has a website at Take a look and see all she has.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Status of the Blog

First off let me say I hate not updating on a regular basis. I really do. But work is taking up a lot of my time. You don't realize how much goes into running a shopping mall until you get in the main office LOL. I just haven't been in SL as much lately as a result. And since I haven't been in world as much, I haven't had as much blog worthy stuff to talk about. I have some items to review and show off, and I'll likely do it soonish. I just need to get pictures of them. As for a regular update schedule, well I don't think that'll happen. I'll still post and update, but it's likely going to be irregular (Like that's anything new LOL). I hate pushing this and my blog back to the back burner, but one mantra I've always lived by is Real Life comes first. I love SL, and I'm not done with it any time soon though.