Friday, January 4, 2008

1 year old today!

So, this is my one year aniversary of my blog. Time just seems to fly, huh? I never expected to still be in SL after a year, let alone still blogging. But, I just can't seam to get enough of either. I thought after a year, it might be fun to show how much I've changed, look wise, in SL. As you know, everyone starts with a base avatar. Well, after a year of poking, tweeking, and fiddling, I'm finally at a point where I'm happy with my look. The image on the left is me last January. On the right is me now. Big change huh?

Anyways, I thought I'd do something alot of people have been asking me for for a while. I just recently found out how to do SLURLs. That allows you to click on the link, and receve a TP in SL to go to the place the link is for. Lots of peopel keep asking for info on places I've shown in my blog. So, I figure doing SLURLs for them all would be a good idea! - This is the place that had the Real Slut machine, the first blow-up doll AV I found in SL, and the forniphillia statue set. Very kinky place. - Kayliwulf Kingdom. Honewstly, this place has kind of almost been like home for me. I still pose there almost every night. It's a wonderful place, and I just love it. - The puppysuit I got a while back I purchased here. they also have alot of other kinky toys too. Good place to look for playtoys. - Sarah's Play island. This place is a ponyplay/BDSM wonderland. I mean, what other place has a strip card game where the loser could be sentence to such kinky things like "Become a rubber doll" or "Become a pony girl". They also have a great mall there too. - The place where I got my collar. This place has really grown since the last time I was there. I might just have to stop by again sometime. - This is home to Eddie Esher designs, the shop where I got my gynoid skin as well as a few fun toys. - Home to one of the shop formerly called 6ixth Sense, this store has some of the most detailed AVs I've evere seen. Some have over 1000 prims to them. Very pricy but well worth it. My Gynoid parts came from here. - Kalira's School for Dollification. The school run by my good friend, hypnotist, and dollmaker Kalira. - The House of Fa. This is the place where I got my naga AV. I don't wear it too often, which is too bad since it looks so good. - Hypnodolls, makers of the Hypnotron. If you have any interest in hypnosis, mind control, robots, or dolls, this is a great place to meet people with similar intrests. Jungle Voodoo. This is where I got my Neko AV at. It's quickly become one of my favorites. I go Neko more then any other AV I have. Here's where I got Ingrid's latexificaton machine at. This one seems to be a real favorite. I get more questions about it then almost any other thing in my blog. It's also where Rei's blow-up doll AVs are avalible at. Sitting Pretty, the glue/sticky toy store. Grendel Children. Hands down, this is one of the best places in all of SL to find cool AVs for great prices. I have a huge amount I still need to post. But that's something for another day.