Monday, June 14, 2010

Status of the Blog

First off let me say I hate not updating on a regular basis. I really do. But work is taking up a lot of my time. You don't realize how much goes into running a shopping mall until you get in the main office LOL. I just haven't been in SL as much lately as a result. And since I haven't been in world as much, I haven't had as much blog worthy stuff to talk about. I have some items to review and show off, and I'll likely do it soonish. I just need to get pictures of them. As for a regular update schedule, well I don't think that'll happen. I'll still post and update, but it's likely going to be irregular (Like that's anything new LOL). I hate pushing this and my blog back to the back burner, but one mantra I've always lived by is Real Life comes first. I love SL, and I'm not done with it any time soon though.


Miyamoto Masatada said...

Thats good, at least we know we can still get updates from you, but not as constant as we would like.

AUDREY said...

HI, passing by your lovely blog. (:
Nice to meet you, shake hands and thumbs up for your posts! :D

Kalel Mommsen said...

can't wait to see more..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update at least ^^
Keep on keepin' on.