Sunday, January 7, 2007

I forgot a promise! :(

It just hit me that I totally forgot a promise I made. During the first week I was playing, I met a gentleman by the name of Marlon Barker. He was working on nude art gallery. He wanted around 1000 pictures for his gallery, but he was only at around 50 or so. So he asked if I'd pose for him, saying he'd make it worth my while.

So of course I said yes. After a few quick snapshots. He asked if I'd promise to send any friends that were willing to pose nude his way. In return, he gave me a massive box of clothes, items, poses, and jewelery. I was very thankful, because at this point, what he gave me more than doubled my inventory. So I promised I would help him and we went our separate ways.

Two weeks later it finally dawned on me that my that i had totally forgot about Marlon, and I feel bad about it. So, if anyone out there is interested in helping me keep my promise, drop Marlon an IM. He's a great guy, and I really want see him get his 1000 photos.

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