Saturday, January 6, 2007

My mannequin transformation

One place that I found while searching for doll related stuff in SL is Kayliwulf Kingdom. This place is a latex fan's dream come true. They sell everything from latex skins, catsuits, vacbeds, and all sorts of wonderful things. They even have a Barbie doll avatar, complete with a box to pose in!

One day while i was at KK, I bumped into a person there by the name of Maniquin Stepford. She was posed on a mannequin stand, and had mannequin listed as her group status. Her name alone made me have to talk with her. After a brief chat, she gave me a mannequin stand of my own to pose on. She then offered to transform me into a mannequin just like her!

How could I say no? It was like a dream come true! So of course I said yes. So here's a few photos of my transformation into a perfect, plastic mannequin. You can enlarge any of the pictures bellow by clicking on them.

So here's my before picture. As you can see, I'm wearing my blow-up doll shirt that I love so much. Maniquin quickly suggested a few changes I needed to make to make me more of a perfect plastic mannequin. She also gave me a few outfits, since I really didn't have any pretty outfits to wear yet. Finally, she gave me membership into the group she's a part of, the Mannequin Sisterhood.
Here I am after I molded my appearance. My neck was made longer and more graceful, We also remolded my face and head, as well as tweaking my breasts. I also decided to wear a lovely silver dress. After all this, Maniquin suggested that new shoes and hair would help with the transformation. So off shopping we went!
Finally, I was looking like a mannequin! That's me on the right, Maniquin on the left. we decided to pose right in the middle of the store for everyone to see. It was wonderful! We even had a few other random people join us in posing. The whole time that we were posing, Maniquin was IMing me, role playing our transformation into pretty plastic mannequins. It was one of the wildest, most amazing things that I had ever experienced.

Unfortunately, like all good things, this had to end. After we logged of, I was positively craving to continue my transformation. So the next night I want back to Kayliwulf Kingdom and purchased a transparent, clear catsuit. Once I put it on, it made my skin all reflective and shiny, just like I was made out of plastic.

Finally, a few days later, Maniquin asked if I'd stay online all night posed on my stand to continue my transformation. Of course I accepted, and thanks to a gadget she gave me called Stay Awake, I stayed perfectly posed all night long. It was pure bliss.
The next morning, I awoke and found I was surrounded by lots of other people, all posing on stands just like me. I quickly found Maniquin, and she told me that she got hired on at Kayliwulf as a model! So, I bit the bullet and asked for a job myself. To my amazement, I got hired as well! So now, like any good mannequin I have store to be displayed in. Below is a picture of me and the other girls on display. I haven't met them all yet, but i already feel at home!
So this was just my first major taste at transformations and role playing in SL. Tomorrow, I'll tell you all about Leticia and Mya, two of my best friends in SL.

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