Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sinfully good AVs.

Awhile back I picked up all seven of the Seven Deadly Sins AVs at Grendel's. They all look very striking. The only downside is Greed, Rage and Gluttony are intended for male AVs. Sloth is too, but it looks OK on me. I might try to mod those three to fit me beter.

First up is Lust. I really like this one. In fact, I've even worn the Lust hair on it's own a few times with some diffrnent outfits.

Next is Jealousy. This one comes with optional freebee glowing green eyes.

Vanity. This one has a very arrogant feel to it. It even inclused a AO for the fan to give it that haughty feel.

Finally, Sloth. This one is really cool. Most the parts on it rotate slowly, and the AV bobs off the fround like it's floating.

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