Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dancing at ClubRub with The Dolls!

Last week I attended two events, both involving dolls. The first one I attended was the reopening of ClubRub, a pretty big latex cub, as a member of The Dolls. The Dolls is a group that's all about dressing up and looking like a doll. Everytime there's a get together, everyone gets the same shape, skin, hair, outfit, everything. Then you have a whole hoard of identile dolls. It's pretty cool. Here's a picture of how I looked at the event.

The catsuit was an exclusive from KCreations for The Doll's group. Looks nice :)There were a ton of people there. I didn't take many pictures. But fortunently, Deirdre Young, the head of The Dolls, took ALOT! Chech her link at the bottom of the press release.

2008-03-16 Club Rub Event - Deirdre's Models Press Release

After three months on hiatus, Club Rub ("So hip it hurts") reopened its doors Sunday March 16th at 11AM SL time.

A fancy new elevator brought guests to a faithful replica of the old club.

Rubber Leshelle welcomed her guests in the new location to party to the electro beats of DJ Exomorph .

Among the guests, Deirdre Young and a dozen of her models, sporting a striking catsuit by Kat Fetisov, of K Creations.

Deirdre's Models were a remarkable sight - they all looked alike.

"This is just one of our original marketing strategies" said Ms Young. "Expect to see other astonishing events from us soon."

Many guests were intrigued - a wave of applications to the group followed the party.

Approximately 50 guests attended the party, which lasted over three hours.

Pictures of the event:

Club Rub is located here :

And visit K Creations for some free latex samples and great outfits at:

All in all, The Dolls is a very fun group. Well, that's all for now! Wait, what? I said I attended two doll events? :) I did. But the other will have to wait thl the next post. Chao!

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Anonymous said...

haha, I was there, but not as a doll. I even got in one of the photo's (28, I think, orange hair, green cap). Great night, and glad to see ClubRub back open.