Monday, August 4, 2008

The foxes and the hounds

So I finally got to participate in a fox hunt at Sarah's Island. It's a super kiny fun place, primaraly focused on pony play, but it has lots of other things avalable there too. The fox hunt is one. In it you choose if you want to be a fox, a dog, or a hunter. The foxes are the prey, and the dogs and hunters try to bag them. In the hunt I was in, I was a fox (Duh. Like I'd be anything but prey ;) ). We had 6 foxes total being hunted by 2 dogs and 2 hunters.

Ok, here are the rules. Foxes ger a prey hud, dogs get a bite hud and hunters get guns. If a dog bites a fox, they're stunned for a bit and can't move. If a hunter shoots a fox, they they get bound and are out. Oh, and foxes have to be nekkid the whole time, or in a open catsuit ;)

So, I didn't do bad for my first time. Out of the 6 foxes, I was the 5th caught. I even managed to outpace both dogs at the same time for about a minute ;) Still the thing that amazed me was my friend Iiowyn Oryl. She was blindfolded the whole time and was the very last fox caught. Here's what she saw the whole time she was on the run

Blows me away she managed to keep from being caught while seeing nothing but that.

So after all the foxes were caught we were all astung up and the hunters poses with their prizes

Then, we were all taken to the Slutterium entryway at Sarah's and posed as statues. I had to leave quickly to do an event for KK (Which is why there's no statue pics). It was alot of fun and I'm deffinently going to try and make the next hunt.


Anonymous said...

hehe that was a lot of fun, looking forward to doing it again. After all, i need to uphold my new reputation ^^

Yora Vig said...

hehehe I can't wait to do it again. I had a blast ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm me next time this goes on i'll be a fox, TF Altney