Friday, August 8, 2008

Keep watching the skies!

So this is all about a buncha stuff made by a friend of mine, Fyre Furse. She has a shop called Alien Desires located here The shop is all about wierrd looking extra terestrial devices used for kinky purposes.

First up is the Alien Pussy Plant. Yeah you can pretty umch guess what happens when you interact with this one ;)

This is the isolation pod. I love he look of it. Very sci-fi. Also, the pod is RLV ennabled. YOu can get locked in and be left there til someone releases you.

This is called the Alien Infection. It's actually a multipose sexbed. The sucker is huge! All hte tenticles in the backa also wave arround giving it a very organic look

The Mohawk Mantle. It's actually a bunch of mini tenticles that wiggle on your head. Very cool looking. Plus it's color changeable too.

Finally is the claw bondage hood, mittens and ballet boots. I'm a sucker for bondage items so I had to pick them up. All are RLV ennabled. So that meens lockable. The hood also had a blindfold, a gag, and earplugs to blind, mute or deafen you. First the claw part of the hood

Next the hood totaly closed covering my whole head.

The bondage mitts (and a good close up of my butt ;)

Finally the boots

Deffiently a fun shop ;)

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