Sunday, January 24, 2010

The return of Yora and the Doll Life!

Hey all, I'm back! Sorry it's been so long. I really and truly meant to get postings done for the holidays, but RL has been crazy. I'm back in the job hunt after spending a month in a "I have a job if I can get certified for it" holding patter. Now that that's fallen through, I'm back to square one. So I'm still hunting, but 6 months of not working really sucks. Scraping to pay the bills is a pain in the butt, and obviously the reason I haven't been blogging much.

Still, it had been a while (Ack! The 8th of December was my last post!) and I figured I should keep on posting. After all, this blog isn't going to end til I leave SL, which I don't thinks gonna happen for a while.

Anyway, I've got a few items to show off to you guys. These are all from the shop Doll Life (, made by Bettie Binder. Her products are just wonderful! Very RLV enabled, and very very cool looking to boot. First up is the first thing I got from her shop, the Mannequin.

The one I got was the type 3 of the 3 designs available. You can wear it both with the hood and without.

Personally I like without myself ;) The suit is a restraint fans dream come true. you can self lock it for a variety of time with all sort of restriction option. Once you locked it though, depending on the level you picked, your stuck til someone else lets you out or until the timer runs out. plus, there's also a built in vibe, and a voting mode that lets others pick if you've been good or not. If you haven't, more time for you!

Next is one of the newer releases, the Cupid statue. This one doesn't have the self bondage options the Mannequin does, but it looks fantastic! it's fully RLV enabled so all the usual options are available. One of my favorite things is a script that's included with it. It lets you turn any hair you have into a matching marble hairdoo! that's such a great touch. Most statue things I've seen usually give you a default hair to use, but this adds a lot. Both are fully recolorable, thought I kinda like the default pink and white myself ;) I think I know what I'm gonna be for Valentine's Day!

I know it's a bit of a short post, but I have more planned soon. I'm gonna try my best to post as I can. I really don't want to take anywhere as long as last time LOL. One thing I'm curious about is the lack of comments. I made the blog so you have to be registered to post, because I was getting a lot of spam posts. You guys like? Dislike? Heck you don't even have to post a comment, jsut email me at Yoravig @ Hotmail . Com (no spaces obviously)

Til later all!


Anonymous said...

Yeah we're still reading. Sorry to hear that RL is still rough, I'd wondered if we'd seen the last of Yora Vig. :-(

I really like the Yora-headed armless mannequin, it reminds me of the balloon one, though without the aspect of being quite so helplessly drifty.

Anonymous said...

That hair looks familiar. Isnt it a Seductra style? I think I have a few of their styles.

-Beverly Salming

Unknown said...

Hi, Yora. 51 comments in 2007, 37 in 2008, 20 in 2009.

You are losing an average of 15.5 comments each year.

So it seems logical so far that you've only posted once this year!

Following the pattern, You will have 4.5 comments this year, making this the last year for our friend Yora Vig.

Thanks for the exciting posts, Yora!
They were good while they lasted.

Yora Vig said...

SirQittus - Heh yes it does remind me of the balloon suit as well, though part of me wonders if the color has some to do with that (I have the balloon suit inb pink as well).

Bev - The hair is a Pinned style I got from a shop called Sinsation. It's where I've gotten most of my wilder, more oddball styles I've shown here before. Unfortunately, near as I can tell they don't exist in SL anymore, which is a shame.

Dave - Yeah, I'll admit, I'm not hte best at staying consistant at posting. RL kept creeping in, making it hard for me to post regularly. At first it was school. Easier classes as I started in 2007, then harder in 2008, until my graduating year in 2009 I was up to my eyeballs in work at times. Then came the job hunt, which took much longer then expected. Hopefully now that I have something, and am on a set schedule I'll be posting more regularly. I'm going to try to aim at one post or so a weekend. No promises obviously, but I do love blogging quite a bit and I do want to continue doing it.