Saturday, February 10, 2007

No longer owned

Well, this really wasn't a post I was expecting to do. Mya, for a variaty of reasons, has decided to no longer be my Mistress.I have to admit, it came as a bit of a suprise. What also came as a suprise was how I felt. I actually started crying in RL. I'm better now, though. Everyone really helped me, especially Gobblebom, Daphne, and Ralna. I'm taking the weekend off from SL. I need to clear my head a bit. I'll be camping at Kayliwulf, but I'm not going to be responding to any IMs until Monday.


Anonymous said...

if you wish for another mistress i wil oblige you. mistress bluejade.

Yora Vig said...

Thank you Bluejade, and to eveyone else out there in SL who has offered to take me on as a sub. I think I need some time though. I've decided I still want to play in SL, to explore my various kinks. But I don't think I'm quite ready to be owned again. Not yet. I guess I want to make sure that anyone I choose to own me really knows what I want, and I know what they want. Mya is one of my fiirst friends in SL. But we wern't on the same page in some respects. But one day, yes I will be owned once more!

Anonymous said...

greetings yora, i understand perfectly, i remain your friend and look forward to talking in sl agin with you. bluejade.