Saturday, March 31, 2007

My purrrrrrfect new look =^.^=

So first thing first. Today is my birthday. I officialy turn 30.

On another subject all together I got a new look. It's one that honestly suprised me that I like as much as I do. I'm a neko most of the time now. What's a neko, you ask? Just look at the pics bellow.

So, yeah, i'm a cat girl most the time. I really like it, which is a bit of a suprise. I haven't ever been into nekos before now. I mean, I like animal transformations, but I never but them high on my fetish list.

But everyone tells me I look so cute. And I love my floppy ears and twitcy tail. i even got a neko AO and a bracelet that lets me pounce people. hehehe.

This is the kitty sit in the AO. So cute!

Sleeping all curled up. just taking a little cat nap

The AO walk. On all fours just like a cat. Plus every so often I groom myself. Like I said, i never expected liking bing a neko. But honestly, I tend to be this way now more often then I am human

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Anonymous said...

greeting my dear yora, i love your neko look. may I officially, as your friend and online sister, wish you a very happy birthday.
Ravena Decuir.