Friday, March 23, 2007

The Masks I Wear in Second Life pt 2

So of course after posting yesterday about the 6 different masks I wear in SL in a given situations, I think of a 7th one; Teacher Yora. This is the way I act when helping out newbies, or explaining how to do something in SL. I act patient, calm, and type clearly. I also, answer every question, no mater how simple is may be. After all, we were all newbies once.

I tend to like to help newbies out. I never had someone playing big brother or big sister when I started (Though I do now. Thanks Yara!). I had to learn to do everything myself. And honestly, that can frustrate and turn off some people. I mean, it took me a few tries before I learned to unpack a box. And, yes I got stuck in a demo skin once, too.

I usually go over all the basics with a newbie; How to unpack stuff, changing skins, getting them to the freebee places and money trees, teaching them basic SL lingo, and letting them know what kind of jobs are available. I’ll even spot them a little bit of cash so they can get some prim hair and give the some clothes and skins.

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