Thursday, March 22, 2007

The many masks I wear in SL

One thing I got to thinking about lately is how different I act in SL at times. I’ve done things that I would never think of doing in RL. Part of it is the anonymity factor the SL offers. No one knows who I am in RL, so if I embrace myself by doing something stupid, it’s not as much of a big deal.

But it’s not just that. I act entirely different in SL depending upon what I’m doing and who I’m with. I kinda think of these as different rolls to act out or masks to put on. It’s hard to explain. It’s not like I’m a different person when I’m Bubbly Yora as opposed to Slut Yora. They’re all me.

Bubbly Yora- I call it Bubbly Yora, because I’m always upbeat, happy, and perky. This is the main way I act. I tend to do lots of ;) and LOLs. I also joke around a lot, sometimes getting myself in trouble (Especially if I forget to hide my cuffs). I also talk a lot. Sometimes when I’m IMing, I’ll look up and realize that I’ve rambled so long that the other person hasn’t answered me in 5 minutes. This is the main way I am in SL.

Kinky Yora- This is how I am when I discover a new fetish or play an existing one. I’m curious and inquisitive. I use /me a lot to role play properly. If it’s a new kink I want to find out as much as I can about it. I’m open minded and I will never turn down any offer to try something new. This is the aspect that I most closely live by my SL motto “I’ll try anything at least once, otherwise how will I know if I like it of not.”

Slut Yora- Yes, I’m not all sweet and innocent. I have a slutty side too. I tend to be a bit of a tease. However, when I’m this way, I’m all about sex and getting laid. I don’t get this way a lot. Mostly if someone really turns me on. This is different then Kinky Yora, because Slutty Yora is all about sex, not necessarily play.

Sub Yora-When I say Sub Yora, I don’t mean me as a sub. It’s more how I act around someone in higher station then me, be it the person playing the domme to me, a friend's domme, or someone I respect. I’m very quiet and extremely respectful. In my mind a sub speaks when told to. I still emote though. I don’t want the other person to think I went AFK because I haven’t said anything. Master or Mistress is always capitalized. They are like proper titles. I actually did this without being told to. Just made sense to me. I tend to slip into this roll very easily

Domme Yora-This is probably my rarest roll. Mya and Ralna really helped me to learn to be a domme. I tend to play coy, pulling out a toy and teasing them a bit with it before I really go at it. Sometimes I’ll stop and let them squirm a bit. Make them beg for me to continue. I’m also a lot more unsympathetic. I know this doesn’t sound like much, or that I’m a really good domme. But I’m still learning to be a domme. And as such this roll is always changing.

Friend Yora- This is me with my closest friends. Kind, honest caring, always willing to listen, and willing to do anything to help someone. I’m also a great person to tell a secret to, as I will never willingly betray someone’s trust. This is the closest to how I am in RL. Now I’m not saying that I don’t also have a bit of the other rolls in me in RL. But this is the closest to the real me.

So 6 aspects of myself that I play in SL. I might have more, I don’t know. Every day I find out more about myself. My likes, dislikes, and who I am as a person. This is why I love SL. It’s an incredible learning experience.

BTW, I'm curious, does ayone else think of how they act in SL like this? Or am I all alone thinking ths way? Please post some comment's if you do.


Anonymous said...

I am the same way. Different roles for different situations. I'm that way in RL as well, but to a lesser extent. I usually end up shifting roles without really meaning to, just based on the situation.

Yora Vig said...

I am too in RL as well, but in SL, it's almost amplified. I mean, I can be bubbly in RL, and all the others I discribe, but not as high of a level. Maybe it's the fact that everythign I do in SL is through typed words and I need to act a bit more extreem to convet what would normally be able to get across with tone of voice, body language, ect. Another part is deffinently the anonimity factor. I mean, if I make a fool of myself in SL, so worries. I'm not as embarassed.