Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Super Mega Mondo favor for all my readers!

OK, I have a REALLY big favor to ask all of you out there. Daphne Goodnight, who's co-owner of Kayliwulf Kingdom, as well as my boss and a really close friend is in a contest right now. Here's the announcement I got on it.

Daphne is now officially entered in SL's 12Avatars contest, which is selecting 12
beautiful women in SL to be in the new calendar. If you would like to see our lovely princess in print, please get over to the contest and vote, and encourage anyone else who feels Daphne should be selected to vote as well!
I REALLY want to see Daphne win this. She deserves it so much. So, if you feel the same and want to see her win, PLEASE vote for her! The voting is in the Tellus Convention Center, Tellus IV sim. (34, 231, 23). These XYZ coordinates will take you right to her picture. If not, her voting spot is Column 10, picture H. You can also IM me for a LM and I'll gladly show you exactly where her picture is. Bellow is two pictures of her to let you see which picture is hers and to see that she SO deserves to win!


Anonymous said...

Wow, amazingly detaled. I would do this game, if my computer didn't look at it and die of fright . . .


Yora Vig said...

heh, well if you ever do decide to, let me know and I'll show you arround. SL is a total blast

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I would like to do it. but my poor little computer can't take the stress. *pats computer*

I like how you can create just about anything as an avatar you want, here are some cool looking ones.

^ Doll with balloons :)

this looks cute too.

I thought you might like some of those. ^-^


Anonymous said...

voted :)