Wednesday, December 19, 2007

And to think, some people say "eat me" as an insult ;)

So, like I promiced last time, here are two more delictible skins done be Dreampaint. First up, dark chocolate.

Next, milk chocolate. Yummy!

If the background (what little of it you can see) in these pictures looks slightly familiar, that's because I took them at the best place to be a candy coated girl; Willy Wonka's chocolate factory! Dream showed me a sim someone made that was a pretty good representation of the original movie one. Cute place indeed!
Finally, here's all the sweet skins Dream did in some freebee shirts I got a while back from Curious Collections. Sadly, I don't think this wonderful shop exists anymore. Heh, makes the fact that the shirts say "Eat me" all the more appropreate ;)
Gummy sharks and spiral sugar.
Chocolate and gummy bears.
Looks like I'm FINALLY getting in the swing of updating! Next post coming at ya' soon! Look out! Virus attack!

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