Sunday, December 23, 2007

Virus detected! Virus detected! 2

Ok, more Replicators! First is the Flare, one of the few totaly humanoid Replicators. This one just looks fun. It almost has a gynoid-esque look to it.

The Router. This one is very impressive visually. Almost every part, the rings, shield, and diamond thingies, all rotate on their own.

The Scanner. This one is pretty good sized. Deffinently don't want to wear it in a confined space, hehe.

The Solar Array. If the scanner was big, this one is HUGE! Just look at me on the front of it for a size idea.

Newest one I got the Neon Flyer. Don't let the fact it's a butterfly fool you, it's pretty good sized.

Finally, the Nanos. I love how this picture came out! Windlight looks great doing the skies huh?

And the best part of all these? Most were under $50. A few, like the Nanos and the crawler were over $100, but still, that's an incredible deal!

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