Friday, December 21, 2007

Virus detected! Virus detected! 1

So, as I mentioned, I got a virus lately in SL! It came in the form of a series of AVs I got from Grendel's Children. The line is called the Replicators. Technicly, htere not viruses. They have a huge backstory to them. But, I just call them viruses. They look EXTREAMLY cool, like something out of a new updated version of Tron (I hope I'm not dating myself saying that). Most come in red, green, purple, or blue, though some are only blue. There all modable though, so you can recolor as needed. Most are avalable for either sex too. First up is the first one I got, the Virus AV. It's cool, because when you move, you tuck away in the shell and roll as a ball!

Next is the Aviaos replicator. This is based on the Aviaos Shadowstalker, another critter av at Grendle's. I'll post that one in another update.

This one is the Crawler. Creepy, yet sexy. A note, this one was blue originally, but it was easy to recolor to green.

The Crystal Harvester. This one looks a bit...blocker tehn most. Still, very well done.

The E-Drive. This one just looks impresive, with a big, glowing pack on the back.

This one is the Electron Driver. This one just looks MEAN! Like a anti virus program with an additude!

Eye Probe. This is cool. The internal rings all spin, making it look like it's constantly scanning.

I have more too! I'll post them in my next post!

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