Monday, December 31, 2007

A few odds at years end.

So, first up, I know it's a few days late, but I figure I ought to share my Christmas Card I sent out with all my friends out there.

I think it came out well, especially given that I didn't have Photoshop on hand and had to use Paint instead (I know, ick).

Also, I got a dolly makeover! Honoka, the dollmaker I mentioned a little bit ago, and UserJesse Brody both helped give me a full dolly makeover. They did a great job, helping me with skin and hair. Honoka did a phenominal job on my shape. I still look like me, just a dolly me.

I'm tiny a doll! I'm only 4' 8'' (1.42 m), as opposed to my normal 5' 7" height (1.7 m. Yes, I'm alittle tall. But everyone is tall in SL. I'm actually shorter then almost everyone else). It takes alot of getting used to being that small. And I'm just SO CUTE! Jesse helped me adjust my Alice dress so it would fit better. And gave me a few tips on keeping the re-adjusted size items from reverting on me. And the Mary Janes I'm wearing I got from her partner Roen Fardel's shop,
Inner Doll. Here's the SL URL to it

I enjoy this look alot. Walking around as a dolly, key in my back, is something I wanted to do in SL for a while. It's such a cute look, and it works so well with alot of toys I have, like this snowglobe I got from Subversive Vavoom. Oh, BTW, I totaly spaced, but Subversive had a blog for her shop All Dolled Up

Wow, I can hardly beleve 2007 is almost over. And what's really suprised me is in 4 days this blog turns one year old. Seams like I started it just yeasterday. I think I'll look back and show how I've changed, both look and behavior in that year. Plus, I think I might put up SL URLs on alot of places I talked about over the year to. Till then, Happy New Year everyone!

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~Honoka~ said...

Hi Viggy, I glad you liked your little Dolly Makeove. Youre so very cute and people should know i can actually make dolls even *smaller* without that creepy lumpiness most AVs have at that size.
As for no photoshop try paint.NET it's pretty good and it's free. ^.^