Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Happy anniversary to me!

I can hardly believe it, but this month marks my one year anniversary in SL. It amazes me to think that it's been a year already. It's find it amazing to think of all that I've done in a year. I went from being a shy noob to a total social butterfly. I also have learned alot, both about me and about people in general. I figure the anniversary would be a good time for me to reflect a bit on it.

One thing that particularly amazes me is where I'm at at Kayliwulf Kingdom. Daphne has made me assistant model trainer and a manager in the fashion shows. I never intended to become either. It just kinda happened. I mean, when I started SL, I found KK a fascinating place. I liked hanging out there. When my friend Manequin got hired as a model, she suggested I ask too. I did and I was shocked when Daphne hired me. And I have to admit, it's a wonderful job. It's like one big family, and honestly, better then may alternative jobs I could have taken. So, I did my best, and tried to be friendly and enthusiastic. That wasn't hard, given how fun KK can be. Soon Daphne asked me to help with the fashion shows, and then more recently, to help train models. Given how much I just like to help, I was glad too. I guess it just amazes me sometimes how much I like working at KK and how glad I am I got hired on there.

In one year, Ive been collared 3 times. From each, I learned something different and important. From Mya, I learned alot about role playing. She taught me the basics, and helped encourage me to grow and learn better how to role play. She also taught me how easy it is to get emotionally invested. When she left, it hit me harder then I ever expected it too. But, I know it was the right thing for her to do and I thank her for doing it.

From Ralna, I learned the importance on honesty in a domme/sub relationship. Ralna knows more about me then just about anyone. I've told her things I wouldn't tell anyone else. She also taught me patience and loyalty. I told her once that we would be BFF, best friends forever, and through thick and thin, I've stood by that promise Also, our relationship showed me how hard it can be if two people are in two different time zones.

Finally, from Kiki, I learned the lesson that I shouldn't rush into things, that it's best to make sure that I know what I want before I say yes. Kiki, I apologize for saying yes, then leaving almost right away. I realize that I wasn't ready.

Speaking of collars, apparently, I'm a total catch of a sub. I have gotten dozens and dozens of offers from many different types of dommes. While, they have slowed down a bit now that I announced I'm not looking to be collared anymore, I still know a few people that ask on a regular basis. It's very flattering, especially given that my knowledge about being a sub, was pretty much gained in the one year since I've been here.

I also have to mention my partner, Jango. She is a sweety, very kinky and very loving at the same time. We recently parted ways. The split was mutual. She met someone in RL and I didn't want to cause any confusion. After all RL comes first. Always.

I've made many other close friends; Kitti, Daphne, Amea, Kalira, Aru, Gob, Tape, Tara, Ravena, Leticia, Dreampaint, Alanya, and many many others. Some, like Leticia, I've known for almost the whole time I've been here. Others, like Dreampaint, I just met. But, there each and every one special to me. One thing that always amazes me is just how international SL is. I have friends from all over the planet; Lots from Germany (I remember one occasion I was the only non-German speaking person in a crowd of people. And I knew every one of them), England, Australia, Canada, and China. Heck, I even met someone from Iran once. Now that surprised me.

I've also lost some friends too. In some cases we just drifted apart. Schedules in RL make it hard sometimes to meet up. In others, they just disappear. Two in particular, Maniquin and Nikki, I miss alot. I hope there doing OK. If either of you see this, drop me an email or an IM. I'd love to hear from you.

I've found out more about hypnosis in one year then the whole rest of my life put together. I went from being a curious sceptic, to a full believer. It truly amazes me what the subconscious mind can accomplish.

I also learned that looks can be deceiving. I was surprised to find just how many people out there play the opposite sex then they are in RL. Mostly, it seems to be men playing women, but I know there are women playing men out there too. Honestly, I don't care at all what someone plays in SL even if I know their RL sex. I treat them as they choose to play.

I've also found that there are a lot of submissives out there. If I was more comfortable with being a domme, I might even consider taking a few myself. That's actually something else I've found. I do have a domme side, ands apparently, I'm a pretty good one. But I never seem to be comfortable in doing it

I also got to see some rather unpleasant things as well. I remember once having a total stranger walk up to me and offered to give me a few thousand Lindens (A couple buck US dollars) if I'd strip for him via webcam. I've heard horror stories of Gor, seen abusive D/S relationships, and had many occasions where a total random stranger had IMed me looking for sex. But, even with that bad, the good monentsa far outwigh them by a large margin.

So, one year ends, the next begins. What lies ahead, I don't know. But, I will say, I'm not planning on stopping playing SL anytime soon. See you there!


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Congratulations! :)



Anonymous said...

Congrats Yori - I keep my fingers cross for you and Kitti!